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Sharing Knowledge: One of the Most Human Things we Do

There’s a lot of talk out these days about enterprise social networks, learning management systems, content management and knowledge sharing.  Consequently, there’s a lot of research and study that goes into understanding how people learn and how they learn most effectively.  As we evolve as a society, technology, tools and the ways we use them […]

Online social learning

Online Social Learning: The 21st-Century Definition – Part 1

What Is Social Learning? In plain English, social learning is learning from others. There is both offline and online social learning. Currently, when online social learning occurs, it’s often facilitated via mechanisms made popular by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (e.g. comments, posts, webcams, etc.). Some organizations are implementing purpose-built social learning tools […]

The Secret to Awesome Online Learning: Arizona State’s Dr. Carmean Tells All

Dr. Colleen Carmean works at Arizona State University as a Digital Knowledge Architect in the College of Public Programs. She became a Knowledge Architect after finishing her dissertation, which outlines how instructional design in the digital age is changing to focus on just-in-time learning, while just-in-case learning is headed out the door. Knowledge Architects will […]

Could Contests and Awards Be the Spark You Need to Ignite Your Online Learning Community? (PART 2)

As our blog evolves, we want to connect with our readers and get YOU involved in the process.  Feel free to e-mail gena@bloomfire.com to suggest topics that interest YOU! We’ve broken down our list of 101 Quick Ideas to Ignite your Online Learning Community (click on it to see the full list!) into bite-sized chunks that […]

Founder Investigates Link Between Technology and Closing the Communication Gap

Jayant Naharwal has been running a sole proprietary business (a L&D consultancy) by the name if Get Skilled Online, since January 2010. The company is a forum of a few like minded trainers/training consultants with a wide variety of experience in L&D in various industries. Readers can contact him at this URL which has links to […]

The Entire World Has Become Our Conference Room: Ways Technology Has Improved Performance and Productivity

Paul Smith has worked in the fields of Education and Workplace Learning & Performance for over 18 years. He has designed, implemented, evaluated, and delivered instruction to almost every age group, career level, and learning style. He has achieved professional success in the fields of sales, journalism, and education.  In addition, he has lead change […]

Breaking Down Hierarchies To Build Learning Communities

Sreya Dutta is a senior information developer for Oracle’s Fusion team.  She has extensive experience in instructional design and content creation. People can find her on her blog, Twitter account, or LinkedIn profile. Q. In your experience as an instructional designer, have you run into any challenges when writing curricula? The main challenge I see […]

The Updated Monster List of 111 Online Learning Resources

The Bloomfire team wishes you a happy New Year! May 2011 be filled with exciting learning, and may this list help us start strong. If you’d like to add your favorite resource, please do so by leaving a comment. Shameless plugs welcome! Instructional Design ID and other reflections The Writers Gateway: One Stop Resource for […]