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Organizational Change Management Is Challenging Even At A Start Up Like This

Six Tips for Organizational Change Management

Just the mere mention of the word “change” brings excitement to some people while it makes others bristle with fear. In an era where a major corporation can go belly up overnight, or new regulations could slow down an entire industry, sudden uncertainty that forces employees to deviate from regular routines can cause doubt within […]

Organizing Talent and Knowledge: A Trainer Shares Her Experience

Denise Cooper, President Coach HR LLC has worked Monsanto, Budget Rent A Car, The Gap Inc. and Integrys Energy Group (formally Peoples Gas Company in Chicago). She received her MBA from Washington University and in 2008 received her Business Coach Certification from North Carolina State University. Her article on the Hartman Value Profile was published […]

Engaging Millenials: Student and Organizational Development Administrator Explains

Sophie Carter works at Komatsu Australia as the Organizational Development Administrator. She works with third party vendors to ensure the eLearning needs of the business and its employees are met as well as identifying new ways to include technology in the professional development of the company as a whole. Sophie is also currently completing her […]

Discoveries in Cognitive Science Can Impact the Way We Teach and Learn

Ghislain Van Hoorde works as a consultant at Philip Morris R&D Switzerland. Over the last 2 years, he has been providing support and training to the employees using the corporate Electronic Document Management System (Documentum-based technology). He can be reached via Linkedin, where you can learn about his experiences in Germany and England. Q. Based on […]

The Entire World Has Become Our Conference Room: Ways Technology Has Improved Performance and Productivity

Paul Smith has worked in the fields of Education and Workplace Learning & Performance for over 18 years. He has designed, implemented, evaluated, and delivered instruction to almost every age group, career level, and learning style. He has achieved professional success in the fields of sales, journalism, and education.  In addition, he has lead change […]