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hikers helping each other up mountain representing knowledge sharing

How to Leverage the Knowledge of Your Sales Team

It’s often a couple of strategies, tactics, and habits that separate the A-Players and B-Players on a sales team. One of the challenges these teams face is figuring out how to leverage A-Players so they can effectively share their best-kept secrets. This starts with creating an environment where trust and collaboration are built into the […]

ping pong table showing how to be more productive at work

Playing Ping Pong and 6 Other Ways to Be More Productive at Work

Playing ping pong can increase office productivity. It’s science, people. A recent article from Enviable Workplace references research from Dr. Daniel Amen, member of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, that shows ping pong increases concentration and stimulates brain function. It may sound unconventional, but a quick ping pong break in the middle of the […]

Productivity Tools and the Cloud

According to new research from Gartner, most productivity tools will be delivered and available only from the cloud by 2018. In the not-too-distant past, CIOs of large enterprises would only consider software that could be hosted on-premise for security reasons. They didn’t trust the cloud. Now, they do. Traditionally on-premise solutions like Microsoft Office, Lync, […]

Telecommuting Impacts Employee Engagement

It’s 2014, aren’t we supposed to be flying around in Jetson style aircrafts and using conveyor belt showers? Maybe that’s a stretch, but telecommuting shouldn’t be such a far-fetched idea. In the next year, more companies are predicted to allow their employees work-from-home flexibility. Some are even including it in their list of benefits they […]

Business2Community: Why Video in Meetings Boosts Productivity and Engagement

This article talks about how using video in meetings can boost productivity and engagement. The writer included Bloomfire’s in-app features that allow you to create simple videos and screencasts to share tips and tricks for sales teams, HR support, or customer service. “In my experience, the tool is helpful in teaching current and new hires […]

Never Be Left In The Dark

We live in a world where if ‘you’re early, you’re late’ – in regards to information. A video can go viral within seconds of posting and you’re behind the times of you weren’t one of the very first viewers. The same can be said about information. No one likes to be left in the dark […]

Social is the Future of Business

There are more and more studies being produced today regarding social within the workplace.  No organization is the same, therefore their social practices are different. But each report up to a 12% increase in productivity when they successfully use social learning solutions.  According to IBM’s Institute for Business Value, 46% of companies have made investments […]