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Why are Today’s Salespeople so Unprepared?

How often in the course of a week or a month do you answer the same question? Back when he worked in sales management positions, Trey Tramonte, the President and CEO of Bloomfire, repeatedly experienced a frustration familiar to all sales executives. “I would receive the same question 10 to 15 times a week from […]

GetApp: Start Small And Expand Organically

Craig talks with GetApp about Bloomfire, cloud computing and trends in the ESN industry. Interview With Craig Malloy, Co-Founder And CEO Of Bloomfire

Beyond Quora: 9 Q&A Services for the Enterprise

“Bloomfire differs from all the other vendors listed here in that it is a video-oriented solution. In this way, it could cross-over into our YouTubes for enterprise list. More specifically, Bloomfire is a social learning suite.” Beyond Quora: 9 Q&A Services for the Enterprise

Don’t let questions go unanswered

We heard a lot of Bloomfire users love the Q&A engine in our product, but that keeping track of questions was a little tricky. We think we’ve solved this problem with a recent release. Now, you can keep questions relevant and upfront so that the don’t fall between the cracks. That is just one of […]