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marketing and sales team running a race representing ABM strategy

Why Sales Enablement Is the Key to Unlocking your ABM Strategy

The world of B2B marketing is rapidly changing: we’re all flipping funnels and looking at customer experience in a whole new way.  We’ve moved from organizations where marketing sources leads at the top of the funnel and then hands off the proverbial baton to sales. Now we’ve lost the baton, and we’re running a three-legged […]

lemonade stand represents best practices for enabling your sales team

Back to Marketing Basics: Setting Your Sales Team Up For Success

As buyers become more sophisticated, so do marketers. The methods we use to enable our sales teams are evolving. Sales representatives now have to demonstrate value at every phase of the buyer’s journey. This is often done on the fly, based on needs discovered while mid-conversation with prospects.   Enabling your sales team may seem […]

marketing team at table creating sales enablement content

Marketing Creates Content. Sales Doesn’t Buy It. Now What?

If marketing creates tons of sales enablement content and sales doesn’t use it, does it make an impact? Unlike the debate over the tree falling in the forest, there’s no doubt about the answer to this one. If sales isn’t using the content marketing creates, that content is certainly not making an impact on leads […]

Top Questions About Bloomfire Sales Empowerment

Last week, we hosted a webinar to demo our new product, Bloomfire SE. The audience was a mix of customers and prospects. Below are some of the questions they asked us. You can view  the demo and Q&A portion of the webinar here. Where does the content that you use in rooms sit? It lives […]

sales and marketing alignment

Three Practices To Achieve Sales And Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is critical to the success of any business. According to Forbes Insights, 75 percent of top-performing organizations have strong alignment between sales and marketing. In contrast, 87 percent of companies below revenue targets report poor sales and marketing alignment. However, while businesses recognize that sales and marketing should be working together, […]