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Meet Mike Kunkle, Sales Transformation Leader

Mike is a Commercial Training and Development Leader. No matter what his current role has been over the years, he has always considered himself responsible for finding ways to improve sales performance. He loves doing sales transformation work.  How did you get into sales training?  I was a sales rep who outsold the rest of my office […]

Sales Training Is Dead: 5 Ways To Make Your Reps Smarter & Faster (Webinar)

Date: Tuesday, March 3 Time: 11:00am CST Register Here Traditional sales training fails to prepare sales reps effectively, resulting in lost deals and lower sales revenues. Even though U.S. companies spend $20 billion on sales training, 83% of buyers say reps aren’t adding any value during their sales conversation. Today’s sales force needs a new […]

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Four Sales Training Ideas for Scoring With New Hires

Let’s be honest. Training workshops can be boring. Many trainers can hold their audience’s attention for about five minutes before attendees are in their own world, dreaming about being anywhere other than another sales training class. You want these few hours (hopefully not days) of training to be valuable and not a waste of everyone’s […]

Getting Started With Bloomfire: From the CTO to You

CTO Dave Mccann takes you through Bloomfire step by step. By Dave Mccann, CTO/Co-Founder However you have found us, Bloomfire is now available to add to your arsenal of weapons to fight off the repetitive email strings, lost content, content without context, lost productivity and the inability to onboard people in the organization or even […]

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Improve Corporate Sales Training For Your Organization

The best sales forces are made up of employees who never stop learning.  But how do you make sure you’re helping everyone continue learning, avoiding the ever-tempting lure of complacency?  Keep the professional development going with a renewed focus on sales enablement and sales training, particularly to improve corporate sales training for your organization. Every member […]

5 Ways to Help Sales Training Event Alumni Retain Learnings

Smart trainers know that when salespeople leave their sales training, they’ll unintentionally forget a lot of what they’d just learned. Most human beings simply don’t have the best memories. So here are five easy ways to help alumni remember what they’d just learned from their sales training. Give Access to Subject Matter Experts Double-check that […]

Sales Training Tools: The 2012 Buyers’ Guide

What are your options if you’re buying sales training tools in 2012? Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular players. Adopt & Bend Existing Tools Sometimes that means carving out a space in your intranet for sales training. Or re-using existing licenses for PowerPoint, QuickTime, or other software tools. Or bending e-mail to your […]

Avoid this “Landmine” when Shopping for Sales Training Tools

Analysis paralysis. This landmine rears its ugly head whenever you’re comparing multiple choices, whether you’re shopping for sales training tools or paint for your kitchen wall. I’ve fallen victim to it many, many times. “Should I buy X instead of Y?” “But Y has six more features than X.” “Urgh, but X has a special […]