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search bar represents one of the best knowledge sharing features

7 Features Of The Best Knowledge Sharing Solutions

Gone are the days of cluttered email inboxes, sifting through thousands files to find that one document you need, wasting hours of each work week searching for information, and desperately tracking down information as people leave the company. More and more organizations are turning to knowledge sharing solutions to promote collaboration and productivity in the […]

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5 Tips to Enable Channel Sales Teams Through a Partner Portal

The principle is pretty simple: the sooner channel partners can get their hands on all the information they need to sell a company’s product or service, the sooner they can make meaningful revenue contributions to the company. Partner portals can provide a great window into the resources partners need – whether they’re new channel partners […]

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Build a More Productive MDR Team with Social Learning

There’s nothing like hiring a new market or sales development rep who’s ready to hit the ground running, only to have it take weeks or even months to get them up to speed and working productively. With an average MDR/SDR tenure of only a little over a year, it can seem like new hires are […]

Business man falling into water (drowning in a sea of sales information)

How to Avoid Drowning in a Sea of Sales Information

You’ve heard the expression “boil the ocean.” Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of sales teams are doing in their quest for the information they need to sell effectively. As they wade through the data in your CRM, marketing and other systems looking for what they need to know about everything from prospect demographics to company […]

customer satisfaction survey shows value of applying customer retention tips

Customer Retention Tips to Remember the Sales Process

Congratulations, you closed a sale! It’s only natural to want to celebrate, and we’re all for it. Ring a bell, throw some confetti, and pop a few bottles of champagne. But when the party dies down, make no mistake; the work has just begun. You’ve landed a sale, but now you’ve got to keep it. […]

Meet Jill Konrath, Sales Strategist

Jill Konrath is a globally recognized sales strategist, speaker and author of Sellidng to Big Companies, SNAP Selling & Agile Selling. Her expertise has by featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and more.  Tell me about your career. After four years as a high school teacher, I came up with a […]

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Lack of Knowledge Sharing: One of the Biggest Challenges in Sales

How often in the course of a week do you answer the same question? If you work in a sales management position, the answer might be 10 or 15 times. This wasted time illustrates one of the biggest challenges in sales: a lack of centralized information. Salespeople tend to encounter a lot of the same […]

Infographic: Why Your Sales Team Needs Knowledge Management

We’re excited to share a new infographic on the benefits of smart knowledge management for enabling your sales team. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. To learn more, check out our white paper,“How a Knowledge Management System Empowers Your Sales Team.” It explores the challenges today’s […]

Meet Brett Rosenberg, Bloomfire’s Own G.I. Joe

We’d like to introduce you to Brett Rosenberg, Bloomfire Account Executive as part of our employee spotlight series. Brett spent a decade in the military and private contracting service before becoming a civilian and working in software sales. We took his photo on the rooftop deck at SkyLife, his downtown Austin apartment building on Rainey Street.  […]

How to Keep Salespeople Informed While Working Remotely

A survey revealed an 80 percent increase in telecommuting employees from 2005 to 2012. Sales reps have been “telecommuting,” essentially working on the road – for years. From street peddlers to door-to-door salesmen to pharmacy reps, people who depend on sales to make a living have always traveled. Success in a sales role often requires […]

Sales Training Is Dead: 5 Ways To Make Your Reps Smarter & Faster (Webinar)

Date: Tuesday, March 3 Time: 11:00am CST Register Here Traditional sales training fails to prepare sales reps effectively, resulting in lost deals and lower sales revenues. Even though U.S. companies spend $20 billion on sales training, 83% of buyers say reps aren’t adding any value during their sales conversation. Today’s sales force needs a new […]

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Six Easy and Effective Ways to Use Video for Marketing

Video is the king of all media when it comes to potential reach. 1.8 billion users log into YouTube every month. Half of all internet users in the U.S. watch videos every single day. And according to Marketing Sherpa, embedding video in emails is said to boost conversion rates by as much as 50 percent. In addition […]

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The Six Principles Of Sales Content To Drive Revenue

I recently came across an article that included an anecdote about a group of content marketers who don’t believe revenue is the ultimate goal of marketing. Beside the fact that these marketers may have been poorly hired, I wonder how many people in other organizations understand the purpose behind content marketing and what it can do to influence the […]

Sales Manager Explains: No ROI, No Buy-In

Barry Braunstein, the current Regional Sales Manager at A2E Technologies, is a leader in embedded systems design services. He has over 30 years of sales, sales management, and marketing management experience in technical sales to both OEM’s and end-users for both large and smaller (start-up) companies such as Intel, Tektronix, Mentor Graphics, Wind River, and Digital […]