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The Miracle Foundation Accelerates Team Development Overseas with Bloomfire

The Miracle Foundation transforms the lives of orphan children and empowers them to reach their full potential by revolutionizing the way orphanages are run, funded, and managed.  Founded in 2000, this rapidly growing nonprofit organization based in Austin, Texas works to improve the international standard of orphan care. The Miracle Foundation currently supports more than […]

About.com: Bloomfire Integration with Salesforce.com Improves Access to Knowledge Resources

What do scores of sales professionals have in common? That is the need to get questions answered, quickly and accurately. Questions like “what are our customer support statistics” or “do our customers have to upgrade to this new software” can get answered in a Bloomfire community. Bloomfire Integration with Salesforce.com Improves Access to Knowledge Resources

betanews: Bloomfire improves integration with Salesforce

Ian Barker of betanews talks about our continued integration with Salesforce, “The deeper integration will allow sales professionals access to the information they need to close deals, enable them to get questions answered quickly, and share the feedback they receive. From the company’s point of view information gathered in Salesforce can be shared without giving […]

CMSWire: Bloomfire Answers Salesforce Users’ Dreams

Virginia Backaitis of CMS Wire posted a story on the new features we announced today. She says that Bloomfire “makes you and everyone around you who uses it seem organized, well-prepared and smart….For anyone who has ever been or ever watched a front line worker jockey between screens, this should bring a sigh of relief. […]

Bloomfire Announces Deeper Integration with Salesforce

Bloomfire, the application that is simplifying knowledge management for sales enablement and customer support, today announced even deeper integration with Salesforce.com. Bloomfire now enables Salesforce users to access the expertise of all of their co-workers – whether they use Salesforce or not – without leaving the Salesforce screen. Now, companies can leverage the collective knowledge […]

Bloomfire Launches Integration Initiative to Extend Knowledge Sharing into Leading Cloud Platforms

Social Knowledge Sharing Tool in Popular CRM Systems Will Help Sales Teams Get Answers Faster and Increase Revenue AUSTIN, TX, September 26, 2012 – Bloomfire, the standard for knowledge sharing in the modern workplace, today announced a new technology integration initiative to extend Bloomfire’s features into a selection of industry-leading cloud-based business systems. Bloomfire’s announcement […]

Bloomfire Now Listed On Salesforce.com AppExchange

Big news at Bloomfire this week.  We are officially integrated with Salesforce and listed in the Salesforce App Exchange. So why did we do this and what does it mean? Bloomfire is a knowledge sharing tool that connects the people who have knowledge with those who need it when they are ready to learn.  By […]