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social learning with knowledge sharing

Social Learning Encourages Your Sales Reps To Share Knowledge

Peter Henschel’s influential work on “The Seven Principles of Learning” showed that employees do between 70-90 percent of learning informally. That is, outside of traditional training or courses. Time and time again, knowledge sharing, mentorship, and informal conversation are where employees pick up lessons, skills, and experience. The reason most employees learn informally is simple: […]

Online social learning

Online Social Learning: The 21st-Century Definition – Part 1

What Is Social Learning? In plain English, social learning is learning from others. There is both offline and online social learning. Currently, when online social learning occurs, it’s often facilitated via mechanisms made popular by social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn (e.g. comments, posts, webcams, etc.). Some organizations are implementing purpose-built social learning tools […]