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young marketers on phones developing a social media strategy

Developing a Social Media Strategy to Turn Prospects into Customers

Take a moment to remember all those late nights you pulled in college (and the ungodly amount of coffee you consumed). Did you ever spend hours pouring your heart and soul into a paper, only to receive a poor grade because the professor did not believe you properly addressed the prompt? Because you didn’t see […]

social media content plan represented by social media icons above laptop

How to Get More Out of Your Social Media Content Plan

We’ve previously discussed how you can curate and revive content in your knowledge sharing community to make it easily accessible to those who need it to do their jobs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’ve been publishing content to your blog and then letting it languish, it’s time to develop a content curation […]

Happy customer support specialist providing excellent customer service.

Tackling 3 Common Customer Service Challenges

Once upon a time, 9 to 5 call centers, with 15 minute holds and bored employees lounging at their desks, was considered acceptable customer service. These days, that just doesn’t cut it. Customer service is much more seamless, efficient, and tailored to the individual. There’s no doubt, with the help of technology, customer experience will […]

Man using a tablet to provide customer support via social media

How Social Media Has Forever Changed Customer Service

Social media has revolutionized your personal life in ways you could never have imagined; with a quick scroll, you can identify which of your friends and family possess questionable political beliefs (okay, Aunt Betsy, we get it), who has gotten engaged, which orphaned puppy/adorable zoo animal duo is trending, etc. But in recent years, social […]

navigate social media like Beyonce: 5 social media marketing best practices

Navigate Social Media Like Beyonce: 5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Let’s be honest… We are not, nor will we ever be, Beyonce. But, mere mortals can learn from the Queen Bee’s impeccable social media marketing strategy. She certainly did not build her empire of 78 million Instagram followers by sporadically sharing (or oversharing) on social media, without giving a thought to the platform, her brand, […]

6 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Blog Post

As part of my job, I write for our blog – in fact, our whole marketing team contributes content. The approach is great because it provides a variety of perspectives and voices and keeps a steady stream of content flowing to our website and social networks. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been avoiding […]

Coffee, Customer Service, & Corporate Transparency

I like coffee. I don’t mean that when coffee’s around, I’ll drink it. I used to drink regular American coffee. Black. And some days I’d have four or five cups. Then I started dating my German wife and found cappuccino. Coffee became somewhat of an obsession – finding good espresso with the just right flavors […]

Meet Jill Konrath, Sales Strategist

Jill Konrath is a globally recognized sales strategist, speaker and author of Sellidng to Big Companies, SNAP Selling & Agile Selling. Her expertise has by featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and more.  Tell me about your career. After four years as a high school teacher, I came up with a […]

social media customer care program

Six Building Blocks Of A Social Media Customer Care Program

Developing a social media customer care program requires understanding and anticipating what consumers want over social networks. Often this means being direct, honest, and quick to respond. Here are six essential parts of a successful social media customer care program that can help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your customers – both […]

Social Customer Care eBook

Think about the last time something really aggravated you, whether it was a slow Internet connection, long store lines, or a rude cashier. Did you vow to go home and call an 800 number, punch through a bunch of option keys, and wait to talk to a customer service rep? Or did you take out […]

My Approach to Social Selling

Recently I was asked to share how I approach social selling. While I don’t consider myself an expert, I do appreciate reading about strategies and testing out things to improve my craft. My intent here is to share a few tactics I employ as well as a few things I’d like to do if I […]

The Future of Training and Development is About Connecting People (Interview)

Carol Bond is the Senior Training Analyst for the specialty benefits division at Principal Financial Group.  She oversees the training and development of leaders and underwriters.  On occasion she also works with sales and service personnel.  Carol previously managed an eLearning team and has worked in training management and consulting for the past 17 years. […]