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ZDNet: Shark Tank entrepreneurs centralize collaboration with Bloomfire

Summary: SURFET Fitness, a three-person Shark Tank entrepreneurial success story, uses the social network for training, coordinating events and handling frequently asked questions. Lest smaller companies think that social collaboration tools are beyond their reach, consider the case of SURFSET Fitness, a three-person company that is using the Bloomfire platform to communicate mission-critical training content […]

The Positive Effects of Making Your Business More Social

As organizations expand across time zones around the world, the need for social tools is more prevalent than ever before. Companies are seeing an increased demand for a solution that encourages employee engagement, increases productivity, knowledge sharing, and flexibility. The traditional workplace is changing quickly and employees need to be able to access information, when […]

SURFSET Fitness Uses Bloomfire to Enable Interactive Online Training and Collaboration

Learn how Surfset implemented Bloomfire internationally for social learning and achieved an ROI of 20x their investment.