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subject matter expert meets with new hire to provide training content

How Subject Matter Experts Can Provide Valuable Training Content

An important part of training and onboarding is communicating practical knowledge to new employees. With so much to teach and a limited amount of time, training managers must strategically consider which pieces of information will be the most helpful to new hires. “The very first thing you’ve got to do is make sure that if […]

ogilvy client satisfaction increased

Ogilvy Increases Client Satisfaction by 30 percent with Bloomfire Knowledge Sharing

Ogilvy, the world’s leading customer engagement agency, offers direct marketing, digital marketing, and marketing consulting network services. With over 100 offices in more than 50 countries, their robust client base includes brands such as American Express, BP, BlackRock, British Airways, DuPont, E*TRADE, IBM, Intercontinental Hotel Group, IKEA, Kimberly-Clark, Nestlé, Unilever, and UPS among others. One […]

Light bulbs representing better knowledge management

How Better Knowledge Management Improves Training

There’s no denying organizations pour a large amount of time and resources into training new hires, but have you ever stopped to calculate just how much? According to the Association for Talent Development’s State of the Industry Report, organizations spend an average of $1,208 per employee and 31.5 hours per year on training and development. […]

blue tone city scape and network connection concept

5 Tips to Enable Channel Sales Teams Through a Partner Portal

The principle is pretty simple: the sooner channel partners can get their hands on all the information they need to sell a company’s product or service, the sooner they can make meaningful revenue contributions to the company. Partner portals can provide a great window into the resources partners need – whether they’re new channel partners […]

Gift bag of branded company products and a new employee itinerary illustrate employee onboarding best practices

3 Employee Onboarding Best Practices

As a manager or business leader, you don’t want your recent hires to feel like they’re the new kids in school, not sure where their first class is or who to ask for help. Following a few employee onboarding best practices can help you bring new hires up to speed quickly and make them a […]

man sleeping at desk shows lack of employee engagement

Blog Roundup: Employee Engagement

According to a report from the Harvard Business Review, 71 percent of business leaders believe that employee engagement is very important for the success of their companies. But only 24 percent of these same leaders said they felt like their employees were highly engaged. Employee engagement is mission critical for most organizations, so we’ve pulled […]

Letting Employees Choose Where and How to Learn

The idea that everything must be covered during onboarding has become outdated. Businesses can help new employees quickly transition into their positions by providing the most valuable information at the right time. Bill Cushard, head of training at ServiceRocket, argues that many businesses are trying to fit too much information into the onboarding period. “So […]

Practical knowledge

Practical Knowledge Beats The Training Manual

You know that the time and resources your company sinks into training new hires each year is costing you, but have you ever really calculated how much? Research conducted by the Association for Talent Development (ATD) found that organizations spend $1,798 on average for every hour of employee training. That’s a sizable investment, and it’s […]

The Social Learning Circus (Infographic)

We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on how most organizations invest in the wrong kind of training – it doesn’t cater to how people learn. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. The infographic is a companion to an eBook, “Knowledge Management and Training: […]

improve sales process concept

How Can a Knowledge Management Platform Improve Sales?

Your leads care how quickly someone responds to their questions and concerns. A knowledge management system allows sales representatives to pull up the information right away and reply on the spot, instead of waiting to hear back from someone else in the company. Access to a knowledge management platform helps get the right information in […]

Replace The Training Manual: 10 Ways To Improve The Experience With Social Learning

While the physical 3-inch binder is on its way out as a training tool for most companies, I guarantee that 90 percent of people reading this received some sort of digital equivalent as part of their onboarding process. A lengthy pdf doc perhaps? Or maybe a 50 slide PowerPoint deck? Here are 10 reasons to […]

business people collaborating on touchscreen representing social learning software

What is Social Learning and Social Learning Software

It wasn’t long ago that companies offered a long onboarding process that included formal training sessions and significant ramp up time before an employee really got started in their job. My father, for example, went through a six-week training session before he could even begin his sales position within the financial services industry. Today, the […]

Five Ways To Drive Online Corporate Training Participation

Five Ways To Drive Online Corporate Training Participation

I’m often surprised at how slowly most corporate training is changing as compared with other areas inside the enterprise. The corporate training classroom looks the same as it did twenty years ago in many cases – with students sitting at desks and the trainer sharing their knowledge at the front of the room. I don’t […]

Six Reasons to Include Social Learning in Your Training Plans

I’ve recently spoken with a number of Chief Learning Officers and others responsible for corporate training about their company’s goals and objectives. I’m curious about the corporate training process and the tools necessary for the job – both in terms of content and systems. Many have learning management systems (LMS). In fact, according to an […]

Live Demo Short: Improve Onboarding and Training with Social Learning Tools

Did you know U.S. businesses spend $125 billion per year in employee learning and training? However, employees most often do not apply what is learned in training due to poor onboarding. In addition, a lack of effective onboarding causes companies to lose 23 percent of new hires before their first anniversary. Join us on Wed., […]

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Upcoming Webinar: Improving Decision Making Through Collaboration

If you are a Bloomfire customer you already know the tremendous value that collaboration delivers. There are many obvious ones like sharing information, speeding training and shortening deal cycles. But have you considered the ways in which collaboration can improve organizational agility? Today, modern organizations are driven by their ability to react, change, and make […]


Agile Staffing and Consulting Saves $75K with Bloomfire

Eliminated the need for an admin
resource & part-time trainer, saving
over $75k annually.

Bloomfire Transcends Borders, Connects People and Information for CISabroad International Studies Program

CISabroad is an international education organization in Northampton, MA that offers study abroad programs, international internships, and summer study programs for college students in over 40 countries around the world. The Challenge With employees, education partners and students spread across 40 countries, CISabroad needed a way to share knowledge with remote contacts.  The company’s dedicated […]

Bloomfire Provides Alternative to Childcare Network’s Aging Intranet

Childcare Network started in 1988 with two schools in Columbus, GA. Today, it’s the fifth largest private child care provider in the United States, consisting of over 200 schools in 10 southern states with 24,000 children enrolled. The Challenge When Stephanie Forsberg, Childcare Network Director of Marketing and Training, first heard of Bloomfire, the company […]

Bloomfire Empowers Tealium Customers and Partners with Socially-Enabled Q&A Engine

Tealium is the leader in enterprise tag management and digital data distribution. Our market-leading solutions help marketers streamline their digital marketing operations, power their big data initiatives, and maximize revenue through real-time marketing optimization. The Challenge Online tag management and efficient digital marketing helps companies generate millions of dollars in qualified leads and awareness. However, […]

The Importance of Proper Employee Training

When it comes to employee training, every company is different. There are the companies who prefer to send their employees to a conference to learn from a third party, while others bring a professional in to train employees on site. A recent article by Andy Molinsky in the Harvard Business Review highlights the importance of […]

Don’t Make Your New Hire Regret Their Decision

Remember the days of sitting through hours upon hours of training sessions with those TERRIBLE videos? Yes, the ones so outdated some of the clothes are now back in style. Unfortunately, people are still living that nightmare as you’re reading this. There are companies in existence today that still mandate the ‘new hire training’ that […]

Tips and Tricks to Ensure Leadership Training Sticks

Billions of dollars are spent annually on ‘leadership’ training for employees. Employers not only need to focus on the ‘training’ aspect but the steps taken after said training to assist in helping their employees retain that knowledge while excelling in their leadership roles. An individual cannot just sit through ‘leadership’ training and expect to automatically become […]

The Future of Training and Development is About Connecting People (Interview)

Carol Bond is the Senior Training Analyst for the specialty benefits division at Principal Financial Group.  She oversees the training and development of leaders and underwriters.  On occasion she also works with sales and service personnel.  Carol previously managed an eLearning team and has worked in training management and consulting for the past 17 years. […]

Social Learning 101: For the People, By the People

[Editor’s note: Bloomfire founder, Josh Little, was recently featured in Learning Solutions Magazine. We’ve cross-posted the article here for your convenience.] Should training organizations cancel their LMS subscriptions, take a hammer to their laser pointers, and bury their Webcams? By all means, NO! Formal learning is needed in most organizations. What we must do is […]

Essential Resource for Workshop Instructors from an American Express Training Manager (Interview)

Remberto “Rem” Jimenez is Manager of Global Sales Training & Effectiveness in the Global Merchant Services organization at American Express. Primarily, Rem supports over 300 sales professionals in North America, and consults with sales enablement and learning professionals across the greater organization on topics ranging from sales skill development, sales and reporting tools and resources, […]

Sales Manager Explains: No ROI, No Buy-In

Barry Braunstein, the current Regional Sales Manager at A2E Technologies, is a leader in embedded systems design services. He has over 30 years of sales, sales management, and marketing management experience in technical sales to both OEM’s and end-users for both large and smaller (start-up) companies such as Intel, Tektronix, Mentor Graphics, Wind River, and Digital […]

Common Ground Is the Only Thing To Stand On When Creating Training and Development Initiatives

Trishia Jandu is an independent Professional Learning & Development Consultant specializing in traditional and technical learning, as well as development solutions. Trishia has worked with a variety of clientele to conduct training business needs analysis, develop learning strategies, lead instructional design teams in the development of blended learning solutions, implement Learning and Content Management Systems, […]

Discoveries in Cognitive Science Can Impact the Way We Teach and Learn

Ghislain Van Hoorde works as a consultant at Philip Morris R&D Switzerland. Over the last 2 years, he has been providing support and training to the employees using the corporate Electronic Document Management System (Documentum-based technology). He can be reached via Linkedin, where you can learn about his experiences in Germany and England. Q. Based on […]

The Entire World Has Become Our Conference Room: Ways Technology Has Improved Performance and Productivity

Paul Smith has worked in the fields of Education and Workplace Learning & Performance for over 18 years. He has designed, implemented, evaluated, and delivered instruction to almost every age group, career level, and learning style. He has achieved professional success in the fields of sales, journalism, and education.  In addition, he has lead change […]

Hospital Trainer Offers Killer Tips for Preventing Brain Drain (Interview)

Molly McCauley Kelly is the Physician Support Coordinator for Hospital Corporation of America in Las Vegas, Nevada. She provides IT training and clinical application support for the physicians at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, Mountain View Hospital, and Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center, focusing on meeting the needs of physicians and their support staff […]

eLearning Consultant’s Trusty Guide to Using HTML in Web-Based Training (Interview)

Craig Weiss is the owner of E-Learn Info, which provides advisory services to eLearning vendors and individuals who are interested in eLearning solutions and services. He manages and is the author of the blog E-Learning 24/7, which many consider the leading business intelligence blog on eLearning. Starting in February 2011, he will be writing a […]

IBM Manager Expands on His Informal Learning Management Report (Interview)

Sachin Gaur works at IBM as a Business & Technical Leadership Partner, part of the India HR organization, facilitating the identification and development of Business & Technical Leaders for the largest business unit of IBM India with more than 40,000 people. His key responsibilities also include succession planning, managing informal learning and placement of key […]

How to Train New Hires as Effectively as Time Warner Cable (Interview)

Kevin Davis is the Training Delivery Manager for Time Warner Cable Corporate Learning, Development, and Inclusion. He manages the delivery of new hire and recursive training for their U.S. and international enterprise-level call centers. His team’s goal is to effectively deliver complex technical information to call center agents, while providing consistency across a diverse learner […]

Fortune 1000 (Covance) Training Manager: How Web 2.0 Can Rescue Lumbering Organizations (Interview)

Jesse Theiler is a Senior Manager of Technical Training for Covance, Inc. where he leads a global team of technical training professionals.  In addition, he is a Six Sigma Green Belt, an ASTD member, a DDI certified facilitator, a formal mentor and an amateur triathlete. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology from […]