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The Future of Flex Work Is Here. Are You Ready?

2020 accelerated a new reality for how employers and employees work, and it will forever mark the arrival of flex work. As businesses embrace a decentralized “workplace”, they must enable dispersed teams to work seamlessly, successfully, and smartly. In this 30+ page guide, find strategies, practical guidance, and insights from brands on ways businesses can adapt to and thrive in the new work norm.

Read this guide to learn:

  • Why flex work is the new business reality
  • How your business can digitally transform for flex work success
  • How to virtually collaborate and innovate across teams
  • How to empower teams with on-demand access to knowledge and information
  • How leading companies such as Capital One, Lubrizol, and Jackson Hewitt are adapting to the realities of flex work


In the office, people might not share information until they see someone that they have a meeting with in the afternoon. When everyone's working remotely, I think people are a lot quicker to send an email or upload content to Bloomfire so things can happen quickly.

Tanner Frevert, CCX Insights and Customer Voice Manager, Capital One

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