Insperity saw the benefit of moving their knowledge sharing platform twice within the same year

Supervisor of Sales Opps at Insperity Josh Pletting describes the benefits of moving their knowledge sharing platform twice within the same  year and the ease of use of Bloomfire.

90% of Frontier’s sales team uses Bloomfire sales enablement

Channel Enablement Manager at Frontier Communications, Marianne Morris, discusses how they use Bloomfire Sales Enablement to keep up with the growth of their company and encourage collaboration.

Empowering your remote workforce with access to real time Q&A in Bloomfire

Director of Learning and Performance at Insperity, Jeff Miller, talks empowering its remote workforce with access to real-time Q&A, mobility,  and providing timely customer service with Bloomfire.

Lionbridge doubled user adoption with Bloomfire sales enablement

Sales Operations professional Danica Rhoades describes how Bloomfire, a sales enablement tool, helped double user adoption. She notices her colleagues are much more inspired and engaged.

Align sales and marketing teams with Bloomfire

Marketing Specialist Lindsey McIntyre describes how Shaw Contract Group uses Bloomfire to achieve sales and marketing alignment, connect customers with service representatives, and provide weekly updates.

Social learning platform helps Spothero train and engage millenials

Training and Quality Assurance Lead at SpotHero, Terrance Chatman, discusses Bloomfire’s robust search algorithm, modern interface, and ability to index content. He describes how this knowledge management platform encourages social learning and helps engage millennials.

Bloomfire overview

Employees spend 20% of their time looking for the information they need to do their job. This short overview video that outlines who we are and how we can help your business become more efficient.

femsa testimonial

FEMSA uses Bloomfire to communicate, collaborate, and innovate

FEMSA, a multinational beverage and retail company based in Mexico, uses Bloomfire in their innovation department to ideate and manage improvements to their products and processes. During their initial search, they found complex enterprise software solutions that didn’t fit their needs. Bloomfire allows them to collaborate and is simple to use.

bloomfire boasts ease of use

Sykes Enterprises improves internal communication with Bloomfire

Before launching Bloomfire, Sykes Enterprises, a global leader in customer contact management, was siloed; there was little peer-to-peer sharing across the organization. Bloomfire flattened the culture of the organization by creating an open platform of communication that bridged gaps and became the foundation of a team-centric culture.

mulesoft testimonial

MuleSoft uses Bloomfire for their partner portal

Bloomfire enables MuleSoft, an integration platform for connecting cloud applications, to better communicate with their partners. All of their partners worldwide use Bloomfire to access marketing and sales enablement materials and presales assets. MuleSoft considers their partners an extension of their sales and services organization. With Bloomfire, partners can access some of the same materials as internal employees. It’s very simple and self-explanatory; partners can do everything themselves.

training and onboarding with bloomfire

Morris Communications onboards salespeople with Bloomfire

Morris Communications, a privately held media company, has transformed their sales culture with the help of Bloomfire. It’s allowed salespeople to connect with the information they need whenever and wherever they need it.

dun and bradstreet testimonial

Dun & Bradstreet uses Bloomfire for sales enablement

Hear how D&B, a global company that provides commercial data to businesses, is using Bloomfire to increase the effectiveness of their sales teams. Instead of spending hours searching for information, it guides employees to the content they need to position D&B’s products in a faster and better way.

social learning

Bloomfire for social learning

Many of our customers use Bloomfire to fill in the learning gaps that appear after their orientation and onboarding sessions are long finished. Hear how customers create platforms for social learning with Bloomfire, giving users the access to the information they need, when and where they need it.

training and onboarding with bloomfire

Bloomfire for training and onboarding

Bloomfire customers share how Bloomfire fosters organic learning and helps equip their users to take on new challenges.

social entranet

Bloomfire as a social intranet

Hear how customers are seeing their employees use Bloomfire to build community and answer questions for each other.

dun and bradstreet testimonial

Engagement in Bloomfire

Hear what our customers have to say, in their own words, about how Bloomfire is driving engagement at their companies.

bloomfire boasts ease of use

Ease of use with Bloomfire

Customers say that Bloomfire is simple, self-explanatory, and that there’s no learning curve. Hear from our customers how easy it is to use Bloomfire.

femsa testimonial

Bloomfire love

Our customers share, in their own words, the variety of reasons they love using Bloomfire.

bloomfire office sign

What is Bloomfire?

Our customers answer the question – What IS Bloomfire?

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