Collaboration Made Simple

What you need is not just a place for teams to collaborate, but a space where the collaboration is easy and meaningful. Where information that is shared can be transformed into knowledge and then put into the hands of employees, customers and partners, when and where they need it. What you need is Bloomfire.

Sales and Marketing Enablement

With our easy-to-use enterprise collaboration platform, Sales stays productive and connected whether they’re in the office, onsite with a client or somewhere in between. We make it a snap to:

  • Share Sales Tools
  • Coordinate RFP Responses
  • On-Board Faster
  • Locate Customer References
  • Spread Competitive Intel
  • Find Answers & Subject Matter Experts

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3 Phases of Value Driving Sales Enablement

This quick-read eBook details a three-step framework and proven best practices to help you empower your marketing team, equip your sales team, and build strong customer engagement today.

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Customer Service and Support

Transform your customer experience with Bloomfire's social customer service software. Equip support agents with quick access to up-to-date documentation and expertise, dramatically improve customer engagement with branded communities and self-service portals, and employ powerful analytics to continually decrease time to resolution and improve customer satisfaction.

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Transform the Customer Experience with Social

Research shows that organizations who leverage social customer service software improve customer retention by 75%. Learn more in this infographic.

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Onboarding and Training

Traditional training is disconnected from where daily work is getting done and how employees want to engage. Bloomfire allows employees to learn on the fly and find the information they need to get their job done faster and better. Users can collaborate from any device and within the business solutions they’re already working, like Salesforce, LinkedIn, or SharePoint.

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Reduce Turnover with Effective Onboarding

Aberdeen Group reports that new employees are 69% more likely to stay 3+ years if they experience well-structured onboarding. Learn more in this whitepaper.

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Our Clients

Our customers keep proving why Bloomfire’s enterprise collaboration and knowledge sharing software is the best choice for improving productivity at work. These companies are achieving breakthrough results in Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Employee Engagement.