Bloomfire Integrations

Streamline Your Workflow with Bloomfire Integrations

Bloomfire’s knowledge management system integrations allow you to seamlessly connect with the software tools and apps you love, enhancing collaboration and knowledge flow across your company. Meet your frontline workers where they are and bring knowledge to the tools they use every day, like Slack, MS Teams, Salesforce, Zendesk, and more. Support and simplify content discovery and content management across your business with Enterprise Search connections, and use our open API to make information accessible from anywhere.

Power of Integration

By integrating Bloomfire with your existing tools, you can:

Analytics Suite
Boost Efficiency

Save time by eliminating the need to switch between different platforms and streamline your workflow.

Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine
Increase Collaboration

Foster collaboration among teams by making knowledge sharing more accessible and efficient.

Content & Document Management
Improve Decision Making

Make better decisions by having all the information you need at your fingertips.

Moderation Tools
Enhance Security

Ensure the security of your data by integrating with trusted tools that meet your security standards.

Bloomfire Integrations


Cross-pollinate knowledge between Slack and Bloomfire. Never lose important information in threads of memes and chatter.

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Bring context and knowledge from your Bloomfire community to your Salesforce Leads, Opportunities, and Cases.

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Microsoft Teams

Search for and share Bloomfire knowledge from within the Microsoft Teams app. Enhance your real-time collaboration.

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Search Bloomfire from within Zendesk to get answers to customer questions quickly and reduce the time to
resolution. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Add context to deals: access the collective intelligence of your Bloomfire community within Microsoft Dynamics. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Drag and drop content from Box to your knowledge sharing community — or upload content straight from your desktop. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Bring content from Dropbox into your knowledge sharing community to make it easy for your team members to find. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Google Drive

Search for and share Bloomfire knowledge from within Google Drive. Enhance your real-time collaboration. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Microsoft users can easily upload OneDrive content to their knowledge sharing community so that it’s accessible to all. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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Leverage Okta and Azure ActiveDirectory or build directly into our SCIM API to unify user management at scale. Build custom interactions for your team using our open REST-based API.

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API Documentation

Easily connect Bloomfire to the tools your team works with every day – use our open API to add content, search your knowledge base, ask questions, get answers and deploy a digital knowledge worker wherever you need it. Familiarity with REST-based API’s helps. We can also supply engineering support to help build whatever connectors you need.

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More Reasons to Integrate

Bloomfire is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform designed to help businesses and team organize, share, and access information more efficiently. It’s worth noting that the features and benefits of Bloomfire might evolve over time as the platform undergoes updates and improvements.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration platform
  • Customize Your Workflow

    Tailor Bloomfire to your team’s unique needs by integrating with tools that complement your existing workflow.

  • Automate Your Processes

    Automate repetitive tasks and free up time for more important work by integrating with tools that offer automation.

  • Stay Organized

    Keep your knowledge organized and up-to-date by integrating with tools that help you manage your content more effectively.


Yes! You can access our api documentation here.. Use this documentation to create links to search, return, create or modify posts from any tool you use today. Our customer success engineering team can help support you with complex integrations.

No, once the Bloomfire connector is installed and set up, it is ready to be used and no additional end user authentication is needed.

Each integration works a little differently. Experience working with REST-based API’s is very helpful. Depending on how you want to use the API, you may need local administrative rights with the application you are connecting. Our customer success engineering team can help you with complex integrations.

Yes. Bloomfire is SOC2 Type II compliant. We use end-to-end data encryption at rest and all user data in transit using AES-256. Our systems are routinely tested for vulnerabilities as part of our robust incident prevention and response plan.

Yes! Bloomfire search works in the API the same way it does on the platform. When a user searches using an integrated tool, they will see results from all the Bloomfire communities they have access to.

Yes, searches done via an integration are currently tracked and reporting through Advanced Reporting and will appear in the search reports.

Yes! Bloomfire has several options for integrations related to authoring. First we have links directly to common cloud platforms that can be used to upload documents, videos, audio files, diagrams or images as part of a post. We have an importation tool that is used during the seeding phase to upload content in bulk using our AI. Finally, we also have enterprise search capabilities that allow you to connect cloud storage like sharepoint or third party feeds and publish that content directly into Bloomfire.

Absolutely! We include an Ignition Engineer to help with configuring integrations with each of our enterprise plans. This plan can be made available to you even if you have less than 500 users. Just ask specifically about integration support during your first call with our team and we can fit that into your ignition plan.

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Bloomfire can be configured for small-to-medium sized businesses to multinational enterprises. Say goodbye to complicated, difficult to maintain folder structures. Our platform can grow with your business and scale across multiple departments and geographies. Linking communities together using our cross-community search enables teams to work smarter together, instead of harder apart.

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