Raise the performance of your team to the level of your highest performers

Empower your team to do their best by giving them the tools to quickly learn and share knowledge across the organization, departments, and geographies. Our scalable platform brings the best out of your team by putting the knowledge of your subject matter experts into the hands of frontline workers.

Bloomfire Speeds Employee Onboarding for Research & Consulting Firm

Give your team the company knowledge they are looking for

By supplying a trustworthy platform to share information between employees, you reduce the time employees spend looking for information and give them more time back to focus on impactful activities.

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Empower your team
Improving access to critical information

What do team members typically do when they don’t know what to do or where to find an answer, company policy, or procedure?

They ask a peer, reach out within their network, or talk to their manager. Building internal networks is essential; your top performers are usually the best at this, but workplace interruptions are one of the most significant obstacles to optimal team productivity. Improving access to critical information will raise the productivity and performance of your entire team.

Bloomfire makes social interactions where critical tribal knowledge is shared visible to your entire team, rather than losing it in private email or chat conversations and hidden folder groups. This makes it easier for the next person to find that information and lightens the load on SMEs who don’t have to respond to the same questions continually.

The best leaders improve those around them by removing barriers, coaching, and building team connections. Many need help to help create the right level of communication with individual team members. Over a quarter of employees say poor communication is why they miss important deadlines. More than half add that they rely on collaboration to do their job efficiently, with approximately 75% citing it as ‘very important.’ Bloomfire helps to streamline communication by eliminating the time spent searching for specific subject matter experts, resulting in fewer misunderstandings and more meaningful collaborations.

A boost in confidence can go a long way in creating a more productive and engaged team. When team members can answer their own questions and get back to work without wasting time consulting others, there’s a higher sense of purpose and empowerment. As a result, their confidence shines bright in the work they produce.

Increase speed and efficiency on your team

20 %

of time wasted each week searching for information. As reported by employees.

93 %

of companies using Bloomfire report reducing onboarding time to proficiency when using Bloomfire, the top 18% cut their onboarding time in half!

84 %

of Bloomfire customers say they are less worried about losing knowledge due to employee turnover and internal mobility

5 ways that using an internal knowledge management system will help your team:

Team Leads & Managers
  • It makes it easy for employees to find the information they need
  • It can improve communication and collaboration within an organization
  • Reduce costs through time savings with less time spent searching for information
  • A customized platform meets the needs of an organization and is scalable across multiple teams
  • Employees feel more confident and knowledgeable about their work

The business case for investing in team productivity with Bloomfire

It’s easy to recognize the potential for productivity gains from breaking down silos, improving access to company knowledge and encouraging collaboration by gaining input from your team members. Finding a partner and platform to help with that is also straightforward – afterall you are already here. Convincing executives of the value of the investment can sometimes be a big challenge.

Business Case Resourses
1. Frame the problem in terms of business outcomes

Where is the breakdown causing bottlenecks in your organization, and how is it impacting key metrics like profitability and productivity? Answer these questions using examples that directly impacted the business.

2. Understand the value and cost of an employee’s time

Use metrics like revenue per employee or EBIT per employee to frame your team’s contribution relative to other departments or groups. Talk about how much time is lost searching for information and provide bottom-line calculations for potential improvements in profitability.

3. Identify a clear path forward

Talk about the steps needed to get from the current state (status quo) to the new state of your team. Identify who will be responsible, accountable, supporting, consulted, and informed of the changes. What will your team stop doing as a result of this change?

4. Have an adoption and change management plan

Think through how this change will be implemented and what has to be done to ensure adoption at the level necessary to affect the change. This will often need to include visible endorsement of senior leaders and training to frontline managers. Bloomfire can help you plan this as part of our ignition and onboarding sequencing.

5. Use metrics

Have a plan for measuring the program’s success up front. Ideally, you want to use metrics aligning with business goals and outcomes and where you can identify the baseline performance. This way, it’s easy to track and report on the improvement and impact of the items.

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