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$25 per user per month scaled by volume and model

Plans that fit you, not the other way around

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Make Secure Knowledge Sharing A Reality

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Unlimited storage of all your content, deep-indexed and ready to be found
Tailored experience with notifications, newsletter, content feeds and flexible homepage
Integrations with the enterprise tools and data sources you already use
SOC2 certified, HIPAA ready and GDPR compliant
Onboarding, content migration and change management experts at your service
SCIM, SSO, reporting and open APIs
Flexible access controls
“95% of companies using Bloomfire for org-wide knowledge management say that content is more frequently viewed and better understood since using Bloomfire. ”
2022 Survey of Bloomfire Customers

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“Working with Bloomfire, there was no IT heavy lifting. It was seamless. I think people were shocked at how quickly we could get this off the ground.”
Derek Fetzer
Director of Customer Insights and Market Access at Regeneron