Layouts and Customization

Layouts & Customization

Tailor your knowledge engine to meet the needs of your organization using layouts, smart feeds, personalized filtering options. Build no-code Promo Bars that guide employees to engage with knowledge in new ways.

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Elevate User Experience with Tailored Layouts

Bloomfire’s knowledge management platform introduces a dynamic customization suite that transforms how users interact with content. Seamlessly craft unique homepage experiences, integrating visual elements and curated content to resonate with every community. Dive into no-code configurations, embed captivating videos directly to your homepage, and continually refresh content with featured posts and automated feeds. With the added touch of custom color palettes and branding, Bloomfire ensures your knowledge platform is informative and an extension of your brand identity.

Drag and Drop Editor
Drag and Drop Editor

No code configuration of custom homepage widgets for each community.

AI Generated Tags
Add Media

Embed videos directly to your homepage experience.

Audit For Risk
Leverage AI Curation

Feature posts and automated feeds on the homepage to keep users up-to-date on curated topics.

Fit Your Brand
Fit Your Brand

Set custom color pallets and branding.

95% of companies say content is more frequently used and better understood since implementing Bloomfire

Bloomfire User Survey 2022

Ways to customize your home page


options for targeted, automated feeds


custom widget types for lists, media, and documents


featured links in no-code promo bar

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! One of the biggest advantages of Bloomfire is the ability to customize the platform across multiple departments and geographies. That way, when employees transfer to different divisions they use a platform that feels very familiar, yet tailored to their new role.

Each community can specify its own color palette using your corporate colors. When setting the color scheme, Bloomfire highlights whether the colors you have chosen provide sufficient contrast to meet accessibility guidelines. You can choose any color palette that works for you.

The search bar is the most commonly used feature on the home page. Provide additional benefits by using custom feeds and feature posts to highlight important documents – like onboarding materials, recent company announcements, or frequently accessed content.

You must have administrator access to customize the homepage, and the Edit Homepage function is available through the settings menu on the sidebar.

Yes! There are 7 custom widgets, including feeds, featured content, documents and media. When a media file or interactive element is embedded, it is rendered directly on the homepage so users can view it without the need to download or leave the platform.

We’ve specifically designed the Bloomfire platform to be drag-and-drop, no-code, and WYSIWYG friendly (what you see is what you get). This means you don’t need any support from a developer or IT. We have some optional custom elements with HTML coding if you want to get fancy, and our support team is happy to help if you need assistance there.

Yes, customers have access to Bloomfire’s exclusive Customer Community, which houses best practices, templates, and sample layouts for all aspects of the platform so you can make the most out of your experience. Our support team is happy to point you in the right direction once you get started.

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