Easy Administration

Easy Administration

Manage your knowledge management platform without the assistance of IT or developer resources with our self-service administration tools. Be the driving force that enables your teams to work smarter together instead of harder apart.

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Simplified Administration with Bloomfire

Streamlining administrative tasks is crucial for organizations that prioritize efficiency. With Bloomfire’s Easy Administration feature, you’re empowered with intuitive tools tailored to enhance knowledge management. Dive in and discover how our administrative capabilities can revolutionize the way you manage your organization’s content.

Approve Content
Scale With Groups

Build access groups for targeted publishing.

Curate Your knowledge
Curate Your knowledge

Create taxonomies and curate collections of content.

Upload and Centralize Research
Publish With Digests

Design and send tailored newsletters.

Identify Metrics
Find Knowledge Gaps

Analyze engagement and efficiency with your own knowledge engagement reports.

64% of companies using Bloomfire report an improvement in data-driven decision making since starting with the platform.

Bloomfire User Survey 2022

minutes per day savings for average employees looking for information

4 :1

number of system Active Prospect consolidated to a single source of truth with Bloomfire

183 %

increase in published knowledge articles in first 6 months of using Bloomfire

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve specifically designed the Bloomfire platform to be drag-and-drop, no-code, and WYSIWYG friendly (what you see is what you get). This means you don’t need any support from a developer or IT. We have some optional custom elements with HTML coding if you want to get fancy, and our support team is happy to help if you need assistance there.

Groups are used to create secure permissioning for restricted content. If a document is published to a group, only members of that group will be able to find it. If they aren’t in the group, they won’t see it. However, documents can be cross-published to different groups as needed, allowing you to maintain a single version that reflects updates across all groups when changes are made.

Authors of posts, along with moderators and administrators, can edit posts directly on the platform. Native text can be added to posts, as well as uploaded documents and other embedded media. Work-in-progress documents are best kept out of posts until you are ready to publish them to your team. When publishing a post, you can add AI-generated tags, categories, and thumbnails and select the groups or communities that should have access to the post.

Using our analytics, it’s easy to see who the top contributors are. This is especially helpful when needing to identify subject matter experts; you can see who responds to the most questions, who responds fastest, and which authors and content types get the most views. All of this information can be used to improve the quality of your knowledge engagement.

Bloomfire is a team productivity tool. We know that most employees spend a minimum of 2 hours per week simply searching for the right information. You will recover lost time by improving the search experience but also by connecting users to subject matter experts who can answer questions, reply to comments, share content, provide feedback, and approve content.

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