Content Moderation Tools

Moderation Tools

Bring vetted, high-quality knowledge to your teams with a robust suite of tools for editing, approving, archiving, and analyzing content. Enable a collaborative approval process for moderators, authors, and subject matter that meets your compliance requirements.

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Use Moderation Workflows To Keep In Compliance

Keeping knowledge up-to-date is an essential part of your knowledge management strategy. Use moderation workflows to mitigate risk and avoid ROT (Redundant, Outdated or Trivial) information for all your content contributors.

Streamlined content supervision

Bloomfire’s Content Moderation Tools offer organizations unparalleled control, ensuring that only the most accurate and relevant information reaches its intended audience. Proactive features like rules for flagging outdated material mean that moderators can always be a step ahead, safeguarding the quality and trustworthiness of shared knowledge.

Set Approval Flows
Set Approval Flows

Enable approval requirements community-wide, per group, or for specific types of content.

Improve Distribution
Version History

Assign multiple reviewers, exchange notes, and track the history of posts.

Identify Metrics
Bulk Updates

Manage group access, metadata, and approval tasks in bulk.

Drive Informed Action
Schedule Reviews

Build rules to flag outdated content and notify moderators immediately as content is flagged.

“One of the things we love about Bloomfire compared to SharePoint is that we’re able to run reports and determine which associates actually reviewed the content. What we want to do now is encourage people to look at documentation throughout the day and not assume they already know the information.”

Tammy Shelman, Vice President, Member Experience. AGIA Affinity
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of users say they find it easy or very easy to find content in Bloomfire

400 %

increase in questions answered by peers versus a small content management team


minutes average saved per user per search with Bloomfire

Frequently Asked Questions

While authors can create, edit, and manage their own content, moderators can create, edit, and manage any content. Moderators also have the ability to approve content and address posts that are flagged for review.

Yes! A post can be approved and then reassigned to different reviewers as many times as needed before it is published.

You can schedule publishing for a future date, as well as automatically scheduling archiving and unpublishing documents when they become out of date. Using our easy management tools, you can do this in bulk, as well as managing approval tasks.

As a general rule, we recommend archiving or unpublishing posts rather than deleting them outright. This helps to maintain the history of each post. If you delete something by mistake, administrators can recover recently deleted items on a 30-day rolling window.

Yes. One way to use Moderators is to certify information, so your team can rely on it with confidence.

Using the advanced analytics features, it’s easy to see who your top contributors are. This is especially helpful when needing to identify subject matter experts – you can see who responds to the most questions, who is fastest, and which authors and content media types get the most views. All of this information can be used to improve the quality of your knowledge engagement.

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