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Bloomfire’s leadership solutions enable executives and managers to drive strategic decision-making by providing easy access to the organization’s knowledge. With our AI-powered intelligent search and fully customizable promotion bar and homepage layouts, your team can easily find and share knowledge across the organization.

Preserving Company Knowledge

C-Suite Executives and Senior Leaders who use a knowledge engagement strategy unlock productivity gains to improve profitability

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Knowledge engagement strategy
Bloomfire Solutions for Senior Leadership

A vast trove of knowledge exists across your organization. This includes many different types and sources of knowledge, including corporate intellectual property, institutional knowledge such as process and policy documents, and the individual intellect that each employee brings to their role. This collective intelligence is critical to day-to-day operations and innovation—but its total value cannot be realized if employees lack easy ways to share, access, collaborate across, and leverage your company’s knowledge.

That’s where a knowledge engagement strategy comes in.

Knowledge engagement is the practice of proactively harnessing and building upon a core set of knowledge, empowering teams to tap into a collective source of intellect so that the value and utility of knowledge constantly grows.

A knowledge engagement strategy is an organization’s planned and documented approach to centralizing knowledge and turning it into a renewable resource. Implementing a knowledge engagement platform like Bloomfire can be an essential part of a knowledge engagement strategy. Still, your strategy should also factor in the change management required to drive knowledge engagement behaviors and a plan for measuring and reporting your success.

Drive faster and better decision making company-wide

90 %

of companies using Bloomfire report savings of at least 1 hour per week per employee in their searches.

64 %

of companies using Bloomfire report an improvement in data-driven decision making since starting with the platform.

95 %

of companies say content is more frequently used and better understood since implementing Bloomfire.

Establishing a Knowledge Management Strategy

Steps Executives can take to to start breaking down information silos and unlock productivity by improving knowledge engagement

Establishing a Knowledge Management strategy
  • Identify your knowledge engagement needs

  • Define your goals and objectives

  • Map existing knowledge storage practices and gaps

  • Establish a steering committee to own the strategy

  • Set your knowledge management strategy up for success

  • Measure your knowledge engagement improvements

  • See knowledge engagement strategies in action

Ways to empower employees

Access to information is the key to employee engagement and empowerment

Many executives seek ways to empower their employees to make better, strategic, data-driven decisions. But when we ask their employees, they often say that information is hoarded, siloed, and generally not accessible – leaving them with uncertainty and a lack of confidence. Making it easier to access information is your first step to empowerment.

Three ways Bloomfire makes access to information easier:
1. AI-powered search tools and deep indexing find what your team is looking for and return highly relevant results (often in the first position).
2. Move beyond outdated, complicated folder structures; with enterprise search, you’ll efficiently locate the exact information you need in seconds.
3. Reporting tools help knowledge management teams know what is being accessed and what isn’t and quickly identify knowledge gaps.

Your team will be more actively engaged in the activities that matter when they can easily find policies, procedures, work instructions, critical knowledge and company insights. Building a culture of knowledge engagement takes time, commitment, and tools that make it easier. Bloomfire uses a unique scoring model to help leaders assess collaboration levels by monitoring answers, downloads, shares, and comments to facilitate a knowledge-sharing culture and enhancing productivity.

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