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Ben Little

Area of Focus: Future Trends in Knowledge Management, Intersection of people, knowledge, process and technology

Ben remains focused on the future of knowledge management and guides the company centered on the intersection of humans, knowledge, and technology. Empowerment and accountability are essential to how Ben builds companies. He knows and values the compounding effect of incremental, continuous improvements.
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Samantha Schneider - Chief Operating Officer

Samantha Schneider

Area of focus: Customer Support, Operational Excellence, Knowledge Management Program development

Samantha is an expert in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, drives our customer-obsessed culture, and is a champion for inclusivity at Bloomfire. Her leadership has inspired our team to create products that our customers love, which has been rewarded with great loyalty.
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Dan Stradtman

Area of focus: Consumer & Market Insights, Insights Engines, Market Research, Consumer Intelligence, Analytics, Strategy

A long-time insights and consumer intelligence veteran, Dan has shaped marketing strategy and developed leaders at many of the world’s largest companies. When creating insights engines that amplify the strategic value of market research, Dan chose Bloomfire. In the end, Bloomfire chose him.
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Sanjay Jain

Area of focus: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Workforce Automation, Digitalization

One of several technology experts at Bloomfire, Sanjay and his team are responsible for the development of our platform and for advancing capabilities for digital knowledge workers to better scan, search, select, synthesize, socialize, and signify your company’s knowledge with AI.
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Betsy Anderson headshot

Betsy Anderson

Area of focus: Knowledge Management Programs, Change Management, Maximizing Value of Technology Solutions

Betsy leads the customer success and implementation teams at Bloomfire. She has personally overseen the set up of knowledge management programs across many fortune 500 companies. Passionate about the people side of knowledge engagement and knowledge sharing, Betsy shares real-world experience with the challenges faced by companies with a knowledge management problem.
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