The New Social Intranet

7 Steps To The New Social Intranet: How to Get There from Here

October 6, 2015  |  Posted in Social Intranet, Social Learning  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
A social intranet is an easy-to-use tool that incorporates social technology, powerful search, multimedia creation and sharing capabilities, and more to create a communication and collaboration hub that can be easily accessed to get work done.  Sounds great, huh? So how do you lead your organization down this path? We’ve outlined 7 steps to take… you can also read more ... Read more
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What is the most important feature of a sales enablement solution

This is the One Feature Your Sales Enablement Solution Must Have

October 1, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Mark Hammer @markmhammer
In a future post, I’m going to explain what I believe are the best important features to look for in sales enablement software, but before I do that, I wanted to address the most important feature. I’m doing this because in my experience there is one feature that is so important, I would suggest giving up every other feature for ... Read more
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Your employees will have a social intranet, with or without you.

Employees Will Have A Social Intranet, With Or Without You

September 30, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Intranet, Social Learning  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company, cautions senior business leaders, “Whether or not a social intranet happens is really not up to you. It’s like a tsunami; you simply cannot stop it. If you don’t provide the tools employees need through an official company social intranet that is functional, useful, and attractive, employees will find and use any ... Read more
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creating the best channel partner portal

5 Critical Things To Consider When Creating An Online Portal For Your Partners 

September 29, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Many business models rely heavily on strategic and channel partnerships to succeed. Having an online portal where these partners can go for your most current and relevant information will save your internal teams time and resources and make your partnerships more effective. Here are five things you MUST consider before creating the partner portal of your dreams: Have the Best Search Functionality Partners ... Read more
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Only 28% of employees rated their Intranets as good to very good.

Why Your Employees Still Hate The Intranet

September 28, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Intranet, Social Learning  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Though more than 80% of organizations have had intranets for 5 or more years, and 65% of employees access their intranets 1 or more times per month, dissatisfaction with intranets is high. According to Forrester, 75% of people solely use their intranet for human resources purposes like benefit information, company directories, and training courses. Employees want and need social tools, but ... Read more
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Bloomfire Taps IBM Watson to Enhance Searchability

September 24, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, News, Press Releases  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Automated tagging of posts will improve searchability and overall value of content across social knowledge networks Bloomfire today announced a partnership with IBM to integrate its Watson cognitive computing system’s natural language processing technology with Bloomfire’s social knowledge network software. Using Watson’s advanced data insights APIs, Bloomfire customers can now automatically tag content to significantly improve users’ ability to search and ... Read more
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creating content that is engaging and inspiring

Blog Round Up: Content Curation & Creation

September 23, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement, Social Intranet  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
  For Bloomfire clients and those responsible for knowledgebases and intranets in general, having current, relevant content is important. We’ve gathered four of our recent blog posts on the topic to help you create and curate content that is engaging, helpful, and inspiring.   Curating Content For Your Intranet: Avoiding Pitfalls Adding curated information to your Intranet helps connect employees, build company culture, and quickly ... Read more
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Employee Engagement In The Age Of Wearables

Employee Engagement in the Age of Wearables

September 22, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Mark Hammer @markmhammer
Over the past few weeks, I’ve written articles on employee engagement – how we’re moving from a talent culture to a people culture and about apps that attempt to gauge employee mood. Recently, however, CBC/Radio-Canada posted an article that took this concept much further. They reported on wearable technologies at work that measure employee engagement, mood, and performance. While perhaps ... Read more
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Social Intranets

A Brief History Of Intranets

September 21, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Intranet  |  By Bloomfire
The first intranets began to emerge in the mid-1990s. They were basic, static web sites that provided a central location for employees to access company information. In 1996, Frontier Technologies Corp. introduced Intranet Genie, the first commercial turnkey intranet software bundle to offer a diverse suite of communication tools in one package. This included mail and news clients, a DNS server, ... Read more
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Vector mobile game- interface and flat icons

Are Gamification and Digital Motivation Part of your Company Culture?

September 16, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
My boss and I are a little competitive… ok very competitive. I don’t think this is a bad thing; in fact, I think most good professionals are driven by competition. Depending on your role and department, your goals and metrics will vary – for example, in our marketing department, we are always wanting to improve performance, drive quality leads for ... Read more
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