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Young business woman uses talent management best practices.

4 Talent Management Best Practices in the Age of Job-Hopping

September 22, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
There’s no denying we live in the age of job hopping. One third of all new hires quit their jobs within six months. 33 percent of employees decide whether or not they will stay with a company within their first week. 35 percent of employees look for a new job if they do not receive a pay increase within their ... Read more
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A foodie taking a picture of a taco to share on instagram.

Working Out Loud: What it is, How to Start

September 20, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support, Sales Enablement, Social Learning  |  By Bloomfire
You may not be familiar with the term working out loud, but chances are you already use the principles behind the concept in your personal life: narration and social collaboration. Whether you’re a foodie posting your Sunday brunch on instagram, or a travel junkie posting a video of you frolicking with a baby elephant on Facebook, you know how to ... Read more
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blue tone city scape and network connection concept

5 tips to curate your Partner Portal to enable your channel sales teams

September 16, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
The principle is pretty simple: The sooner channel partners can get their hands on all the information they need to sell a company’s product or service, the sooner they can make meaningful revenue contributions to the company. Partner portals can provide a great window into the resources partners need – whether they’re new channel partners coming in with little knowledge ... Read more
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A man who still has the same perm he had in the 80's considers undergoing a digital transformation in his organization

Why Digital Transformation is a Fundamental Change, Not Surface Level

September 13, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
We live in the age of the digital workplace, and companies are investing heavily in digital solutions to keep up with the times. Unfortunately, many organizations seem to think that merely purchasing a digital solution is the final step of undergoing a digital transformation…It’s not.   When you buy a DIY perm kit (which we highly recommend you don’t), you don’t ... Read more
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Several IT professionals discuss sales enablement solutions

Top Three Things Your IT Director Wants You To Know Before You Pick A Sales Enablement Solution

September 9, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
Sometimes it seems like your IT Director is from Mars and you’re from Venus. After months of trying to find the software to align your sales and marketing teams you’ve finally discovered the best sales enablement platform. It meets all the criteria you’ve been looking for and you’re excited to purchase it, only for your progress to come to a ... Read more
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Portrait of a confused woman searching an FAQ page

How to Create a FAQ Page that Will Win Over Customers and Prospects

September 7, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Wiki  |  By Bloomfire
We all know that we would do anything within our power short of sacrificing our first born if it means avoiding a long, irritating phone call. Visiting the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is often customers and prospects’ first move when they encounter a problem and want to resolve it independently, or have a question about a product or service. So, ... Read more
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Customer expands knowledge sharing skill set at the user conference prior to the European expansion.

Bloomfire Expands Presence in Europe

September 7, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, News  |  By Abbi Havens
Company extends their technical infrastructure in Europe to meet market demand for the company’s leading knowledge sharing platform Bloomfire, the leading knowledge sharing software company, has established their  technical infrastructure in Europe. This action is in response to the rapidly increasing demand for the company’s knowledge sharing platform throughout the European markets. The improvements allow Bloomfire to meet data residency laws ... Read more
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Woman frolicking through field of flowers because she is pleased with her blog post

6 Ideas To Inspire Your Next Blog

August 31, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
So, you’ve been tasked with writing a blog. There are two types of people in this world, and you might just be a blog person; your heart jumps for joy as you sneak subtle puns within the lines of a dry essay on Net Promoter Scores. You revel in the thought of searching through dozens of pages of stock photography, ... Read more
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Customer changes their emotion from happy to sad with an eraser

What Is a Net Promoter Score and How Can You Improve It?

August 30, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
Have you ever recommended a company to a friend? Ever discouraged a friend from going with a certain company? Congratulations, if you were able to answer that question, you understand Net Promoter Scores! A Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is a metric used by marketing teams who are responsible for customer insights, customer support teams, and companies as a whole to ... Read more
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Man throwing computer in to the lake because he's frustrated with wikis.

Corporate Wikis Are Dead

August 25, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
We’re nearing the end of 2016, and some companies are still considering wiki software for a knowledge sharing solution. Sure, at one point in time (long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away), wikis were the best option out there for a social intranet, maintaining up-to-date product information, aligning sales and marketing, making customer support faster, and streamlining training ... Read more
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