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5 Ways to Encourage Knowledge Sharing Within Your Organization

August 27, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support, Sales Enablement, Social Learning  |  By Bloomfire Ambassador
Whether it is knowledge management or knowledge hoarding, there is a knowledge sharing issue within organizations. Companies are suffering because individuals are having trouble accessing the knowledge they need in order to do their job. Not only can they not access it, sometimes the people who have that information refuses to share. That my friends, is called knowledge hoarding, which is ... Read more
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How Top Producers Can Provide Valuable Training Content

August 25, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
An important part of training and onboarding for all businesses is providing and communicating practical knowledge to new employees. With much to learn and a limited amount of time, training managers must strategically consider which pieces of information will be the most helpful to new hires. “The very first thing you’ve got to do is make sure that if you’re going ... Read more
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Moving from a Talent Culture to a People Culture

August 24, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Intranet  |  By Mark Hammer @markmhammer
Earlier this year, Josh Bersin described what he sees as the importance of the human resources function today in engaging and quantifying employees. He argues that HR should be interested in people management rather than talent management. But what does this mean? Bersin suggests HR stop thinking about the word “talent” and start thinking about “people” – that employees shouldn’t be ... Read more
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6 Ideas to Inspire Your Next Blog Post

August 21, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
As part of my job, I write for our blog – in fact, our whole marketing team contributes content. The approach is great because it provides a variety of perspectives and voices and keeps a steady stream of content flowing to our website and social networks. But for the past few weeks, I’ve been avoiding eye contact with our Director of ... Read more
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Engaging New Hires with Gamification

August 20, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Many training managers face the honest truth that training can be slow and sometimes uninteresting. Businesses want new employees to have a strong, impactful start in the organization, so it is important that employees learn what they need to do their jobs well while staying engaged and inspired. Gamification can turn the at times tedious task of training into something fun ... Read more
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5 Benefits of a Knowledge Base

August 19, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Bloomfire Ambassador
According to Oxford Dictionaries, a knowledge base is a store of information or data that is available to draw on. Many organizations are beginning to realize the importance of having a knowledge base that is more than just a repository. They want a place where people connect with each other and the information they need to get work done that can ... Read more
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Meet Ryan Smith, VP of Technology and Tinkerer

August 18, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Employee Spotlight  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Welcome back to our employee spotlight series. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Ryan Smith, Bloomfire’s Vice President of Technology. He’s pictured outside Mean Eyed Cat, location of Bloomfire’s monthly team happy hours. Photo by Jose Dimas.  What is your title at Bloomfire and translate that to what you actually do all day? I am the Vice President of Technology at ... Read more
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3 Ways to Employ Knowledge Management for Customer Service

August 17, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
According to a recent survey, 69 percent of consumers attributed their good customer service experience to quick resolution of their problem. A good knowledge management system:Breaks down silos to enable more collaboration between employees. Ensures that important resources and answers to common questions are easily accessible on demand. Cuts down on both call times and the number of calls customer service representatives ... Read more
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The Social Learning Circus (Infographic)

August 14, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
We’re excited to share our brand new infographic on how most organizations invest in the wrong kind of training – it doesn’t cater to how people learn. Click on the image below to open a larger version of the infographic for easy viewing. The infographic is a companion to an eBook, “Knowledge Management and Training: Why Social Learning Works.” This resource ... Read more
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Roundup: Proactive Customer Support, Strategies for Employee Engagement, and more

August 13, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support, Sales Enablement  |  By Natasha Nariman @natasha_nariman
We’re happy to share some of the most interesting articles we’ve come across about social business, the future of work, and customer experience that we hope you’ll find interesting and valuable. Marketing from the Customer’s Perspective Today’s customer values relevant, targeted, and personal interaction with their favorite brands. In this Forbes article, Loren McDonald discusses how businesses must consider their marketing programs ... Read more
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