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Cheese Day

Happy Cheese Day!

February 12, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
For most companies, a random Thursday afternoon isn’t very eventful. But from the moment our COO Mark Hammer walked in and wished me a happy Cheese Day the afternoon could not come quickly enough. This was a particularly special Cheese Day because it was our new Director of Marketing’s first week. Dana Youngren got a crash course in joining the Bloomfire ... Read more
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Top Questions About Bloomfire Sales Empowerment

February 9, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Events, Sales Enablement  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
Last week, we hosted a webinar to demo our new product, Bloomfire SE. The audience was a mix of customers and prospects. Below are some of the questions they asked us. You can view  the demo and Q&A portion of the webinar here. Where does the content that you use in rooms sit? It lives in your Bloomfire community. Is this a ... Read more
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Bloomfire Announces New Sales Enablement Software Solution

February 2, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, News, Press Releases  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
Bloomfire, developers of the leading knowledge sharing platform used across the world, today announced the release of Bloomfire SE to empower sales teams to send content to prospects and gain insights on how that content affects the sales process. Bloomfire SE includes a number of features designed to align sales and marketing teams. Marketing and sales operations teams can use the ... Read more
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Mark Hammer, COO and Bill Tole CFO

Bloomfire Announces New Leadership: Mark Hammer and Bill Tole named to new Office of the President

January 27, 2016  |  Posted in News  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
Bloomfire today announced that they have established an Office of the President consisting of Mark Hammer, newly promoted to Chief Operating Officer, and Bill Tole, Chief Financial Officer to lead the company. Bloomfire is the developer of the leading knowledge sharing platform used across the world. “Bloomfire is a high growth company that develops a solution that is needed by just ... Read more
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Three Key Practices To Align Sales And Marketing

January 7, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
Sales and marketing alignment is critical to the success of any business. According to Forbes Insights, 75%  of top-performing organizations have strong alignment between sales and marketing. In contrast, 87% of companies below revenue targets report poor sales and marketing alignment. However, while businesses recognize that sales and marketing should be working together, most struggle with actually executing sales and marketing ... Read more
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Burning money

Avoiding The Hidden Costs of Sales Enablement

December 15, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
There are good surprises (tax refunds, a visit from an old friend, a $20 bill found in your winter coat) but when it comes to budgeting for a business project, surprises are rarely welcome. When purchasing sales enablement technology, with planning and good vendor selection, there are some pitfalls and unforeseen expenses that you can avoid. Implementation time Every month you pay ... Read more
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Give marketers the gift of sales enablement this holiday season

The Best Holiday Gift For Marketers: A Sales Enablement Solution

December 11, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
  Tis’ the season of giving. And for marketers seeking the perfect gift before the 2016 budget is finalized, I recommend a sales enablement solution. At first glance it may seem like that would be a better gift for your sales friends (and you can wrap it that way if you want), but here are some reasons a sales enablement solution ... Read more
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What Kind of Sales Enablement Technology Do You Need?

December 10, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
These days everyone is talking about sales enablement. But when you start digging in to the term you realize it can refer to a whole spectrum of technology solutions that serve very different purposes. I read a recent article that outlined six different categories of sales enablement software solutions. Each of these categories serves a unique purpose within the sales process:Customer ... Read more
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Bloomfire Wins 2015 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Gold Award For Best Advance In Social Learning Technology

December 8, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, News, Press Releases  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Company’s knowledge management platform recognized as a top solution for social learning. Bloomfire today announced it received the 2015 Brandon Hall Excellence Gold Award for Best Advance In Social Learning Technology. Bloomfire software connects employees with the knowledge they need to get their jobs done effectively. With Bloomfire, employees can engage with content and each other to become more productive. “These award-winning solutions were closely ... Read more
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Infographic Spotlight: Knowledge Management For Customer Service

December 7, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Eleanor Bowman @atxeleanor
Customers can be difficult to wrangle — and it’s important to provide them with the very best service whether it’s in person, on the phone, or online. Companies with strong knowledge management systems can rustle up an amazing experience that will keep clients coming back for more. A recent infographic from Bloomfire focuses on knowledge management for customer service with stats ... Read more
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