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Social Learning and the Future of Work 

August 3, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
According to the results of a social learning study conducted by the Brandon Hall Group, “The challenge [of implementing social learning] is that few organizations have a complete understanding of what social technologies mean for their learning function. In fact, attitudes toward social learning technologies range from seeing them as time-wasting fads, to looking at them as something you simply ... Read more
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Why Good Customer Service is Essential

July 31, 2015  |  Posted in Customer Support  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Customers have high standards. They always have. They’re not just paying you for a product or service; they’re paying you for a positive experience. Technology has changed the way that people shop and interact with brands, but at the end of the day, customers still want — scratch that, expect — great service. And if you can be exceptional, all ... Read more
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Meet Bloomfire Business Manager and Yogi, Wafae Owen

July 29, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Employee Spotlight  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Welcome back to our employee spotlight series. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Wafae Owen, Business Manager for Bloomfire. She’s pictured outside the company’s offices in downtown Austin, just off the Lady Bird Lake hike and bike trail.  What is your title at Bloomfire and translate that to what you actually do all day? My title is Business Manager. I wear ... Read more
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Coffee, Customer Service, & Corporate Transparency

July 28, 2015  |  Posted in Customer Support  |  By Mark Hammer @markmhammer
I like coffee. I don’t mean that when coffee’s around, I’ll drink it. I used to drink regular American coffee. Black. And some days I’d have four or five cups. Then I started dating my German wife and found cappuccino. Coffee became somewhat of an obsession – finding good espresso with the just right flavors (and if I admit it, the ... Read more
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Is the Generational Digital Divide Real?

July 27, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Formal learning still plays an important role in the workplace, but the impact of social learning is empowering to today’s workforce, particularly to those younger workers who grew up with both social tools and mobile devices. The challenge to companies today is to empower all workers and provide them with an environment conducive to how they want to learn. Younger workers ... Read more
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Meet Jill Konrath, Sales Strategist

July 24, 2015  |  Posted in Profiles, Sales Enablement  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Jill Konrath is a globally recognized sales strategist, speaker and author of Sellidng to Big Companies, SNAP Selling & Agile Selling. Her expertise has by featured by ABC News, Fortune, Forbes, The New York Times, and more.  Tell me about your career. After four years as a high school teacher, I came up with a brilliant idea for a company, roped a ... Read more
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Transferring Knowledge from Baby Boomers to Millennials

July 23, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Baby Boomers are retiring in droves. In fact, the Pew Research Center revealed that 10,000 Baby Boomers will reach age 65 every day during the next two decades. As these individuals exit the workforce and head to Florida, they’re taking more than their belongings; they’re also taking years of invaluable knowledge, skills, and experience that companies are dependent on. In response, ... Read more
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Why a Streamlined Support Funnel is Important

July 22, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Chad Schexnayder @chadschex
How many times have you been using a piece of software and needed help, but weren’t sure how to get it? Unfortunately, this seems to be a common issue. Should you send an email, and if so, where? Tweet? Facebook message? Phone call? Most of the time, it doesn’t really matter to you as a customer. You want answers and ... Read more
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How to Create a FAQ Page that Will Win Over Customers and Prospects

July 21, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Wiki  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
If you are in customer support or marketing, you may have or be considering adding a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to your website. But what information do you include in a FAQ? Too many FAQ pages don’t provide useful information or answer the questions people have about a company and its products. A good FAQ page can be a ... Read more
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How Social Learning Fills the Training Gap

July 20, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Social learning is the process of learning through social interaction between peers. The most common illustration of social learning in the workplace is the chance meeting by the water cooler. Two or more people run into each other, share ideas, and walk away a little more knowledgeable in the process; this is social learning. Social learning can take place in informal ... Read more
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