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Hands together implying teamwork through sales enablement

The Marketing Manager’s Intro Guide to Sales Enablement

July 21, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Abbi Havens
Could Sherlock Holmes solve mysteries without Watson? Could Forrest Gump realize his dream of operating a shrimping boat without Bubba? Could Marlin find Nemo without Dori? The answer is no, and in the same way these famous duos support each other, your sales team needs your help to close the deal. Smarketing departments, combined sales and marketing teams, are on ... Read more
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Sales representatives walking at a fast pace through office

Inside the Knowledge Base: Tools of the Sales Trade

July 19, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Dana Youngren
Dig into just about any recent study on sales performance, and you’ll find plenty of cause for concern. On average, only 54.6% of sales reps are meeting their quotas, according to CSO Insights. Qvidian cites data that puts the number at just 50%, year after year. And many sources point to SiriusDecisions’ finding that 54% don’t meet their quotas – ... Read more
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Smiling young woman in coffee shop

Navigate Social Media Like Beyonce: 5 Social Media Marketing Best Practices

July 14, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Marketing  |  By Abbi Havens
Let’s be honest… We are not, nor will we ever be, Beyonce. But, mere mortals can learn from the Queen Bee’s impeccable social media marketing strategy. She certainly did not build her empire of 78 million Instagram followers by sporadically sharing (or oversharing) on social media, without giving a thought to the platform, her brand, and her objectives. Building a ... Read more
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Photograph of the 2016 Bloomfire User Conference

5 Things We Learned From the Bloomfire User Conference 2016

July 12, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Genna Tardi
This year our Bloomfire User conference was held at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center. As a client success specialist, feedback is something that I am well accustomed to. I am always deep within the platform learning new and interesting things about technology. I talk with clients of varying technical abilities all day every day so it was highly ... Read more
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Business man falling into water (drowning in a sea of sales information)

How to Avoid Drowning in a Sea of Sales Information

July 7, 2016  |  Posted in Sales Enablement  |  By Dana Youngren
You’ve heard the expression “boil the ocean.” Unfortunately, that’s what a lot of sales teams are doing in their quest for the information they need to sell effectively. As they wade through the data in your CRM, marketing and other systems looking for what they need to know about everything from prospect demographics to company best practices, the problem isn’t ... Read more
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Business man popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate landing a sale

Building Customer Retention Starts With the Sales Process

July 5, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Abbi Havens
Congratulations, you closed a sale! It’s only natural to want to celebrate, and we’re all for it. Ring a bell, throw some confetti, and pop a few bottles of champagne. But when the party dies down, make no mistake; the work has just begun. You’ve landed a sale, but now you’ve got to keep it. What good is a new ... Read more
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Gift bag of branded company products and a new employee itinerary

3 Training and Onboarding Best Practices

June 23, 2016  |  Posted in Blog  |  By Abbi Havens
It’s hard being the new kid. Whether you’re in 1st grade, starting high school in a new state, or entering the workforce, finding yourself surrounded by unfamiliar people and practices can be disconcerting and downright scary. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. The benefits of a successful onboarding and training program have been proven time and time again. Let’s ... Read more
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Young professional reclining and relaxing at work in front of desk. Less effort for a higher impact.

Less Effort, More Impact: Secrets of Successful Customer Insight Management

June 21, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Marketing  |  By Dana Youngren
As more and more data continues to pour into organizations, customer insight managers are constantly challenged to get information everywhere it needs to go to benefit the business. Like Sisyphus, the mythological figure who pushed a boulder up a mountain each day, only to have it roll back down every time, customer insight managers face what can sometimes seem like ... Read more
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Service Concept. Flat Style. Vector Illustration

Improve Customer Service by Tracking These 3 Metrics

June 17, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Abbi Havens
In today’s world, customers have access to the most up-to-date news and information right at their fingertips. If they want to know who was voted off of Dancing With the Stars last night, or which leafy green is now trendy (chard is the new kale), they can, and instantly. So why should your paying customers expect any less from you? ... Read more
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Man brainstorming and organizing marketing and business knowledge

9 Knowledge Management Software Must-Haves

June 15, 2016  |  Posted in Blog, Social Intranet, Social Learning  |  By Lori Mankin @lorimankin87
If you’re searching for a knowledge sharing software, there are some pretty important things you are probably already looking for, like ease of use and powerful search. However, you may know that the gems of certain softwares can be in the details. Whether you’re looking for new knowledge management software or trying to improve your existing solution these must-haves inspire ... Read more
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