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Bloomfire keeps your knowledge safe.

Bloomfire Security Your Knowledge Is Safe With Us

Hundreds of companies trust Bloomfire to help them centralize and find their mission-critical knowledge, which is why we take security so seriously.

Our Customers Trusted By Leading Brands

Today, we have over 300 customers across dozens of industries around the world, but our foundation is still the same. We’re continuing to innovate on our platform so that you can harness your company’s knowledge and make it available to all who need it.

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  • FedEx
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Capital One

Features Top-Level Security That Gives You Peace of Mind

Backup & Recovery

Bloomfire’s database is replicated across multiple AZs in real time, allowing us to continue operation with the loss of any single AZ. We also take snapshots of our data and store them apart from our servers throughout the day.

Certified Secure

We take every step necessary to protect your data.


We’re Here To Help With Your Security Needs

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