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When your job is to manage the collective knowledge of your organization, the last thing you want to spend time on is administration. We help you create free-flowing, AI-powered knowledge engines that augment your team performance and improve productivity. Bloomfire functions as an essential digital knowledge worker who knows where everything is can find it immediately, and shares what matters most to your team.

Courtney Langdon, Certified Knowledge Manager, Active Prospect

We make administration easy. No IT support required.

Get set up quickly with a knowledge management platform designed to elevate expertise to encourage collaboration between subject matter experts and the rest of the team.

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Knowledge management is about the intersection between people, process, technology, and information

Some knowledge is better held by people and passed on from one person to another in a tribal fashion. Other knowledge is better contained in documentation, codified, and scalable. The reality is that your company is trying to find a balance between both. Whether you oversee the entire knowledge management and knowledge engagement strategy or have ownership/administration responsibilities over a knowledge base for a team or company, this struggle is something we all feel.

It gets even more complex once you layer in technology platforms and hundreds of document templates, file types, and media. Even if you create something unique, you rarely receive the credit for making it work. Bloomfire automates enterprise document management tasks and empowers learners to flag out-of-date information to create moderation workflows. We also have reporting tools to help you quickly identify knowledge gaps in your team (based on what they search for) and your content (what is searched and not found). This can dramatically improve the quality of your knowledge management system.

Using a tool to help manage information and data across your organization doesn’t need to be complicated. You can easily oversee user access, securely update important policies and procedures, and publish them across multiple access groups and user communities. All with very little to no involvement with IT.

Increase speed and efficiency on your team

20 %

of time wasted each week searching for information. As reported by employees.

93 %

of companies using Bloomfire report reducing onboarding time to proficiency when using Bloomfire, the top 18% cut their onboarding time in half!

84 %

of Bloomfire customers say they are less worried about losing knowledge due to employee turnover and internal mobility

5 things to consider when choosing a knowledge management platform

Choosing a knowledge management platform
  • How you will collect information in the system
  • How easy is it to curate and quickly retrieve the right information when needed
  • Keeping data and sensitive information secure is non-negotiable
  • Can the platform be configured to understand and provide context to your business
  • What reporting capabilities exist to foster a sense of continuous improvement

Documents, videos, audio recordings, diagrams, and flow charts should all be indexed and searchable easily with easy-to-use authoring tools. The system should integrate well with existing tools and workflows.


Your team shouldn’t need a magic decoder ring to find the right place where something is stored. AI tools can help your team stop searching and quickly find what they need.


Maintaining proper access controls and visibility is essential, especially for industries where sensitive client or trade secret information may be stored in the platform. The reputational cost of a breach would be significant.


The technology should be scalable across multiple departments where the user experience is familiar but customized to the differing needs of team leaders and training to frontline managers. Bloomfire can help you plan this as part of our ignition and onboarding sequencing.


Reporting should enable traceability and transparency but also serve as an administrative tool and essential feedback loop to highlight what kinds of content work well for your team and what needs to be updated.

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