Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine

Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine

Bloomfire’s AI-based Q&A knowledge management engine will unleash the power of collective intelligence inside your organization, allowing your company to crowdsource answers and tap into team expertise. Ask questions in natural language and get direct, accurate answers generated by AI and sourced from your company knowledge. Post requests for missing information and nominate subject matter experts to respond quickly and fill knowledge gaps.

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Have a conversation with your knowledge base

Make it simple for employees and front-line support agents to ask questions in natural language and get direct answers sourced from vetted company knowledge – including integrated Enterprise Search sources. Deep dive into references with options to ask questions about specific posts, documents, or videos. Teams can trust that they receive accurate responses because Bloomfire’s patented AI technology will only provide answers if relevant company knowledge is available.

Subject Matter Experts meet AI

The intersection of people, process, knowledge and technology is where Bloomfire unlocks the collective wisdom of your subject matter experts in a repeatable, scalable way. Ask questions and get certified answers from the vast collection of knowledge and expertise in your organization.

Fast Responses
Fast Responses

With AI Chat users can ask a question and get an answer – it’s that easy.

Improve Distribution
Understand Context

Natural language processing interprets contextual information in questions.

Certify Responses
Certify Responses

Responses are generated using the collective knowledge of subject matter experts.

Get Expert Assistance
Get Expert Assistance

Users can post requests for missing content, nominate subject matter experts to fill in gaps, and certify responses.

“The results that have been most helpful so far have been in the question and answer function of Bloomfire…we’re able to deliver answers to questions in real time.”

Kai Guterman, Knowledge Management Specialist, ICF International
83 %

report their quality of work has increased since adopting Bloomfire

2 X

First call resolution rates have doubled since launching Bloomfire (Orvis)

91 %

of questions asked by Bloomfire customer service users are resolved through the platform without escalation

Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomfire deep-indexes every word from every post, question, answer, document, video, audio file, or other attachment that is loaded or connected to the system. AI Chat finds the most relevant posts and uses them to create an answer for you.

We leverage our proprietary technology in addition to a variety of AI techniques, including intent recognition, semantic search, and large language models (LLMs) to deliver the industry’s best AI based knowledge management system.

If there is an answer already in the system, it’s brought back right away. For requests for missing content, our analytics suite will help you monitor how fast your subject matter experts are providing answers and filling knowledge gaps so you can incentivize and reward those who respond quickly – and create a culture of collaboration.

When a question is published, a notification goes out to your team. By assigning subject matter experts to review and respond to questions, they select the best response and mark it as “Accepted” so everyone knows which answer is vetted for future use.

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