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Building a Business Case for Bloomfire’s Knowledge Management System

If you love Bloomfire but need help communicating the business case for a knowledge management system investment to your organization’s executives or senior management, we are here to help. Begin by downloading the business case toolkit and scheduling time with a member of our advisory team to help you go through the details.

Included in the Toolkit:

  • The Buyer’s Guide to Knowledge Management Software
  • 4-Step Guide to Building a Business Case
  • Battling Inertia: The Cost of Doing Nothing
  • Financial Analysis Workbook
  • Establishing Key Metrics to Calculate the ROI

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Tools designed to help you build a compelling business case:

Have you ever struggled with creating a business case for an investment in a new platform or technology? We’ve compiled a toolkit to help walk you through best practices to get your investment approved!

Building a Business Case for Bloomfire Knowledge Management
  • 4-step Guide to Building a Business Case:

    Step-by-step guide to help you define the strategic value of your investment in Bloomfire, including common pitfalls and keys to success. This guide will help you identify the needs of stakeholders and align key metrics to help you calculate the return on investment.

  • Battling Inertia: The Cost of Doing Nothing:

    Use this to uncover the hidden costs of doing nothing and quantify the productivity loss your company is experiencing every day. This can be a powerful way of challenging the status quo and recognizing that you might be wrong about some fixed business costs.

  • Financial Analysis Workbook:

    Going over the economic costs and calculating the total cost of ownership can be intimidating. We’ve done our best to make it easier for you to shine in front of your CFO with this editable workbook.

Discover real metrics that can help you quantify value

Have you ever needed help thinking of metrics you can use to calculate the value of an investment? This handy catalog of standard metrics can be used to evaluate your investment's short-term and long-term value in Bloomfire. It was compiled with the help of hundreds of Bloomfire customers who continue to find strategic value in their knowledge management program.

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Discover real metrics that can help you quantify value
Bloomfire is a team productivity tool

Bloomfire is a team productivity tool.

When working with executives, it is important to focus primarily on business outcomes and ensure that the value, costs, and risks are communicated clearly. It also helps to understand the needs of each stakeholder in your buying group and align your objectives and metrics to show the strategic value of the investment. Highlighting the product's benefits through storytelling will further help solidify how Bloomfire meets the needs of your employees or organization.

Bloomfire is scalable across the organization, geographies, and departments. Many features can be configured to suit your exact use case, and Bloomfire’s ignition process helps ensure onboarding goes smoothly and that managing change is part of your deployment plan. We will be with you every step of the way.

Bloomfire Testimonials

"Bloomfire gives us a lot of visibility as the knowledge management team into what knowledge is important at Cardinal Path right now."

Elise DunhamKnowledge Manager
Bloomfire Testimonials

"Previously, Sales, Service, and Marketing never really talked to each other. We never knew what the right hand was doing, so there was content on the old platform that Sales could be recreating to post [in their file system], not knowing that the service team had already created it or vice-versa"

Lisa JasperDirector of Performance Improvement
Achieving my goals has never felt better

“In this virtual environment, it’s tough to find someone to answer your question when you have a client on the phone, and that’s one of the big reasons we implemented Bloomfire—so people have that knowledge exactly when they need it."

Krista SingletonVP of Training
Solutions Architect

“The biggest advantage to going through a knowledge audit is getting everyone on one system. Combining not just multiple systems but multiple knowledge bases, that’s fantastic.”

Jorge CanoSolutions Architect

The Buyers Guide to Knowledge Management Software

Our guide walks you through the value of knowledge management platforms, how to evaluate different types of technology, how to choose the best solution for your business, and how to get buy-in for the answer from your entire organization.

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The Buyers Guide to Knowledge Management Software
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