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We make it easier to work smarter together, instead of harder apart.

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As a leading provider of knowledge management solutions, our mission is to help our customers maximize collaborative work at scale. Connecting the right information to the right people at the right time creates opportunities for success.

Leading provider of knowledge management solutions

#1 Pioneer in Knowledge Management Software Platforms

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of Fortune 100 companies utilize Bloomfire today

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We’re here to move the world forward.

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Technology lovers and global thinkers, we make ideas happen.

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Pioneer in Knowledge Management Software Platforms

How we got here

We know first-hand the frustration that comes from searching for documents or information and needing an easy way to find what you need. Losing time, money, and growth costs businesses millions yearly.Did you know that the average employee spends 19% of their working hours looking for information? Or the fact that knowledge-led companies are 2.8X more likely to report double-digit growth? When we looked at the drain on productivity that poor access to knowledge places on a company, we knew we had to do something about it. Enter Bloomfire, the world’s first knowledge management platform.

Bloomfire knowledge management system

Where we are going

We continue to invest in our knowledge management system because our customers love it! With an over 85% retention rate after the first year on the platform, we know we must be doing something right. We believe in a future where the intersection of humans, knowledge, and technology come together to power growth and productivity at any company, everywhere in the world. When applied securely, accurately, and reliably, Artificial Intelligence augments workers’ intelligence and can transform business across every industry. As we continue to enhance and perfect our platform features and capabilities, the goal is to remain the world’s best knowledge management software company.

“We empower teams to think smarter, see farther, and act faster by harnessing the collective power of the entire workforce.”

Ben LittleBloomfire CEO

Amplify your insights across the organization. Research activities represent a significant investment for your company. But are those reports readily accessible to the teams that need them. Explore our AI-powered tools that help provide a digital megaphone to amplify the reach and impact of your insights team.

Amplify your insights across the organization. Research activities represent a significant investment for your company. But are those reports readily accessible to the teams that need them. Explore our AI-powered tools that help provide a digital megaphone to amplify the reach and impact of your insights team.

Our Team

Meet our leadership

Ben Little

Chief Executive Officer

Ben remains focused on the future of knowledge management and guides the company centered on the intersection of humans, knowledge, and technology. Empowerment and accountability are essential to how Ben builds companies. He knows and values the compounding effect of incremental, continuous improvements. Read some of Ben’s thoughts on the future of knowledge workers.

Samantha Schneider

Chief Operating Officer

The leader of our entire operation. Samantha is an expert in organizational efficiency and effectiveness, drives our customer-obsessed culture, and is a champion for inclusivity at Bloomfire. Her leadership has inspired our team to create products that our customers love, which has been rewarded with great loyalty. Read Sam’s thoughts on setting up a customer support center for success.

Tom Durant

Chief Financial Officer

Tom’s favorite thing about working at Bloomfire is that everyone contributes to our success, no matter their department. From building the platform to connecting it to customers who need it, everyone adds value and feels invested in the mission to maximize collective work at scale. Security of customer data is essential to the trust we have built without compromise.

Dan Stradtman

Chief Marketing Officer

A long-time insights and consumer intelligence veteran, Dan has shaped marketing strategy and developed leaders at many of the world’s largest companies. When creating insights engines that amplify the strategic value of market research, Dan chose Bloomfire. In the end, Bloomfire chose him. Read Dan’s thoughts on setting up a centralized insights engine and how to use it to drive growth.

Sanjay Jain

Chief Technology Officer

One of several technology experts at Bloomfire, Sanjay and his team are responsible for the development of our platform and for advancing capabilities for digital knowledge workers to better scan, search, select, synthesize, socialize, and signify your company’s knowledge with AI.

Matt Fryar

Chief Sales Officer

Leading the sales team, Matt brings over 30 years of experience helping companies grow their SaaS revenues by developing integrity-based, disciplined teams that set themselves apart from the competition. His favorite part of sales leadership is helping team members reach new potentials while continuously serving the needs of the customers.

Our values
fuel our fire

Every team member brings a unique perspective, but we’re all on a mission to solve the toughest knowledge sharing challenges.

Move with Purpose

Be deliberate and intentional in every action we take so that small acts create big impact.

Lead with Empathy

Embrace the perspectives and points of view of everyone to promote respect, compassion, and genuine connection.

Be Courageous

Big ideas, brilliant solutions, and constructive criticism cultivate greatness, and we expect every team member to have a voice.

Stay Smart

Use critical thinking, collective experience, and creative problem solving in every decision we make.

Never Stop

We are resilient and committed to never settling for status quo.

Here are more reasons why it’s awesome at Bloomfire

There’s a lot to love about working at Bloomfire. Work-life balance is important to us, and we also value getting to know our co-workers.

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