Construction Knowledge Management System

Construction Knowledge Management

Reduce project delays and building costs with a Construction Knowledge Management System.

The construction industry can be characterized as a vast orchestration of diverse skills, intricate designs, rigorous timelines, and high-stakes outcomes. Within this complicated web, the significance of construction knowledge management cannot be emphasized enough. Every project embodies a wealth of expertise, from architects’ meticulousness to site engineers’ precision. Transparent and seamless knowledge dissemination becomes paramount to manifesting these grand visions into tangible realities. The array of evolving blueprints, frequent project updates, mandatory compliance documentation, shifting regulations, and building best practices—each is a vital cog in the construction machinery.

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Construction Knowledge Management

Often, these invaluable resources lie scattered in silos, obstructing the holistic view and understanding of projects. Fragmented knowledge can become the Achilles’ heel, resulting in misaligned objectives, cost overruns, or compromised safety standards. According to Zippia, uncovered that only about 25% of all projects stayed within 10% of their construction budget. This statistic becomes even more pressing when considering recent global challenges that have intensified these budgetary pressures. Despite these challenges, the adoption of knowledge management systems among construction companies could be faster.

A 2013 study by the Construction Industry Institute found that only 7.4% had implemented such a system. However, a subsequent study by the Chartered Institute of Building indicated a rise, with 28% of construction companies utilizing a knowledge management system. As projects grow in complexity and stakeholder expectations soar, embedding a streamlined knowledge management system in construction companies is desirable and indispensable. It’s the bridge that connects insights with execution, ensuring informed decisions and every challenge addressed back every brick laid.

With Bloomfire’s knowledge management solution, you can:

Advantages of Knowledge Management for Construction Firms

Recover time spent searching

Streamline search for precise results

Navigating through a sea of construction data can be challenging. With the AI-Powered Search and Discover feature, professionals can swiftly pinpoint exact project details, material specifications, or compliance guidelines. The intelligence behind this AI-based search technology ensures that even if the exact terms aren’t used, the most relevant information surfaces, saving time and reducing the risk of oversight.

Save Time with AI-Powered Search
Methodically organize Architectural and Engineering documentation

Methodically organize Architectural and Engineering documentation

Every construction project demands many documents — from design blueprints and architectural drawings to building specifications, model information, floor plans, and safety protocols. With Bloomfire’s Content and Documentation Management features, all these crucial documents are organized methodically, ensuring easy updates and retrievals. This central repository eliminates the redundancies of multiple versions and keeps everyone aligned with the latest project information.

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Solve unexpected challenges quickly

Solve unexpected challenges quickly

Construction sites are bustling with activity and unforeseen challenges. When on-site professionals encounter unexpected issues, the Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine empowers them to rapidly tap into the company’s cumulative expertise. This instantaneous access to knowledge ensures that decisions are informed, and the amount of downtime is reduced waiting for answers.

Tap into Your Team’s Expertise
Understand knowledge consumption patterns

Understand knowledge consumption patterns

Knowledge is power, but understanding how that knowledge is utilized is transformative. Bloomfire’s Analytics Suite provides a comprehensive view of knowledge consumption patterns, revealing areas that require attention or topics frequently searched. These insights enable teams to optimize training modules, update content, and ensure all personnel are aligned with best practices and project-specific information.

Find Knowledge Gaps Through Analytics

Increase speed and efficiency on your team

20 %

of time wasted each week searching for information. As reported by employees.

93 %

of companies using Bloomfire report reducing onboarding time to proficiency when using Bloomfire, the top 18% cut their onboarding time in half!

84 %

of Bloomfire customers say they are less worried about losing knowledge due to employee turnover and internal mobility

Why Bloomfire for Construction Companies?

Addressing the unique challenges of the construction business, Bloomfire provides an integrated platform that centralizes crucial project information, best practices, and industry insights. With easy accessibility, real-time updates, and collaborative tools, construction company stakeholders can rapidly address on-site challenges, align with evolving project specifications, and ensure that every decision is backed by comprehensive data. From initial planning to project completion, Bloomfire’s knowledge management system, which is perfect for construction firms, ensures that knowledge is not just stored but efficiently utilized to drive optimized performance. Improved performance typically leads to shorter construction time and reduced costs, which means improved profitability for builders.

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Real-time Collaboration

Real-time collaboration between on-site teams and headquarters minimizes decision-making lags and reduces errors, bridging the gap between field and office. A study by the International Association for Automation and Robotics in Construction reported a 63% average time benefit from using a knowledge management system in engineering consulting firms, reducing time spent on tasks like information search and problem resolution.

Enhanced Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount in the construction industry. A study by the Construction Industry Institute ffound that construction companies that implemented a KMS saw a 25% reduction in accidents. With immediate access to updated safety standards and implementation guides, teams can be confident they always follow best practices. This not only ensures the physical safety of the workers but also minimizes legal and compliance risks for the construction firm.

Knowledge Retention

The construction industry thrives on the experience. Capturing expertise and insights from completed projects is invaluable for future endeavors. This retention ensures that best practices, lessons learned, and innovative solutions are carried forward, making future projects more efficient and adding value by reducing the chances of repeating past mistakes.

“Bloomfire has really strategically given us the ability to break down the silos of where information lives so end users can come in and find information fast.”

Jason GambillManager of Electric Safety and Training

“From initial planning to project completion, Bloomfire’s knowledge management system, which is perfect for construction firms, ensures that knowledge is not just stored but efficiently utilized to drive optimized performance. Improved performance typically leads to shorter construction time and reduced costs which means improved profitability for builders.”

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