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Sales enablement just became

Sales Empowerment

Introducing a new knowledge sharing platform that ensures sales teams have access to the most effective content and up-to-date answers so they can close more deals.

Unify sales and <br />marketing teams.

Unify sales and
marketing teams.

Bloomfire is your company’s source for content distribution and measurement. Everyone’s on the same page.

Onboard new reps faster and decrease time to first sale.

Onboard new reps faster and decrease time to first sale.

Reps have immediate and ongoing access to training materials, best practices, and answers to questions.

Prove which content <br />closes deals.

Prove which content
closes deals.

Our content insights let you know which materials are most effective.

Enable reps to easily share content and track engagement.

Enable reps to easily share content and track engagement.

Sales reps can easily find the information they need and share it with prospects. They focus on closing deals, not searching for information.

Gain insights to improve sales and marketing as you grow.

Gain insights to improve sales and marketing as you grow.

We go beyond basic analytics and give you the information you need to make decisions that will move your business forward.

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Here’s why you need Sales Empowerment
more than ever.

Sales reps spend on average almost

Statistic Graph

of their time searching for, creating, or updating documents.

—IDC Research

Statistic Graph

of executives said their reps are not prepared to answer the questions prospects asked.


At companies that excel at knowledge management, the number of sales reps meeting or exceeding their quotas increases by

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—CSO Insights

Bloomfire helps your whole organization

Grow Together

"Bloomfire has allowed us to aggregate and organize information to support over 120,000 of our independent consultants across the globe." Lisa La Corte Director of Online Marketing at Arbonne International
Whole Foods uses Bloomfire as a knowledge base to support their internal teams.
"Within a week I had a thriving online community. Members immediately saw the benefit and started going to Bloomfire for the information they needed to answer technical questions from potential customers." Dan Zadik Solutions Architect at Dun & Bradstreet
"Having a central place to store information gave people independence to find the information they need." Cailin Cupp Outbrain
With Bloomfire, Ogilvy saw a 75% increase in user satisfaction and a 30% increase in content engagement.
"We are seeing 85-95 percent of people going on Bloomfire every single day." Tina Hamilton Director of Foundation Relations and Grants, Livestrong
“Bloomfire is our constantly evolving online manual for all of our support operations.” Jennifer Nishinaga Training & Development Manager at Etsy
Domino’s uses Bloomfire for social learning within their organization.

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Sales Enablement just became Sales Empowerment. Grow sales and get from lead to customer faster.

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Train and onboard new employees faster and ensure they have the info they need to do their jobs.

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Arm service reps with precise information and equip customers to help themselves.

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