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Bloomfire Knowledge Management Software System
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Unlock your potential with Bloomfire’s knowledge management software that delivers 9X productivity gains

Our Knowledge Management Software System unleashes the untapped potential of your entire organization. Comprehensive knowledge management engagement features and AI tools bring out the best in all your employees in every department.

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Companies using Bloomfire reported improvements

50 %

reduction in onboarding time

64 %

reported improvement in data-driven decision making

91 %

of questions resolved without escalation

The Workforce of the Future

The convergence of AI and knowledge management is not just a trend but a strategic imperative for building a workforce for the future. The research in The Ultimate Guide to Knowledge Management provides a blueprint for success and illustrates the transformative power of combining AI with robust KM platforms.

See how Bloomfire Leads the Charge

Bloomfire emerges as a frontrunner in this space because of its customer-centric approach. It marries the integration of generative AI features with change management expertise to ensure a successful implementation and uptake of the tools. Bloomfire’s customers report that their knowledge management initiatives have streamlined processes, enhanced decision-making and a created culture of innovation and collaboration.

Entering the Era of AI-Powered Knowledge Management

Bloomfire is the knowledge engagement platform that captures your organization’s collective knowledge and makes it accessible to everyone across the organization so they can do their best work.

AI-Powered Enterprise Search & Discovery

AI-Powered Enterprise
Search & Discovery

Deep Index of all your content across multiple file types and storage locations to quickly locate exact phrases in text, slide decks, PDFs, video, audio, or any other format. Recover lost time spent searching through company databases, filing systems, and ineffective enterprise search tools.

  • Automated deep indexing of all documents, audio, video, and data streams
  • Auto-search populated feeds based on topics/keywords
  • AI-Powered Enterprise Search
  • AI listens to, transcribes, and highlights clips that match search terms in video and audio files
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AI-Powered Authoring Tools

AI-Powered Authoring Tools

Automatically tag, summarize, and categorize content at upload. Bloomfire’s AI-powered tools make sharing knowledge and finding natural search terms easy while new hires learn your company’s internal short-hand.

  • Automated tagging of content
  • Generative AI summarization of uploaded documents, video, and audio for description and body text
  • Combine multiple contributions into a series to create links between them
  • Document rendering, video, and audio are embedded directly in the post
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Build-Your-Own Digital Knowledge Worker

Build-Your-Own Digital Knowledge Worker

Powered by the unique fingerprint of your company’s information, Bloomfire creates a digital knowledge worker that augments the performance of your employees. Through continuous feedback loops, your team can certify knowledge and improve the efficacy of responses in real time.

  • Users provide real-time feedback loops through flags, questions, and search engagement
  • Robust reporting measures AI search effectiveness and identifies knowledge gaps
  • AI tools augment the performance of your team, raising productivity
  • Accuracy and security build trust from your user base
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Best-in-class Knowledge Management Software System

Bloomfire offers a software platform that can easily be adapted to suit your specific needs. Unique capabilities with enterprise search and a purpose-built knowledge platform saves time and money, and increases performance.

Content & Document Management
Content & Document Management

Manage a single copy of a document published across multiple communities and access groups. Updates are automatically distributed to all published versions. Use enterprise search to connect and upload documents from any cloud service.

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Moderation Tools
Moderation Tools

Create approval flows for authoring content, allow users to flag documents for review, and easily edit, publish, unpublish, restore previous versions, or track engagement on any community contribution. Use automation in a continuous feedback loop that helps to train and improve AI results.

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Analytics Suite
Analytics Suite

View key report functions in real-time through easy-to-follow visualizations. Create your own reports with visualizations to track custom metrics. All data is downloadable for use in company reporting.

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Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine
Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine

Ask any question to the system using Conversational AI, and Bloomfire proposes answers from content in the platform and avoids populating duplicate questions. Nominate subject matter experts and quickly track question response time.

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“I really strongly suggest looking at the time lost within your organization and you may be surprised, because we came up with a phenomenal dollar amount! Purchasing Bloomfire was a fraction of that money.”

Paypal SimonTechnical Director, PayPal

Our Solutions

Harness the power of knowledge with Bloomfire’s comprehensive solutions. From advanced knowledge management to actionable insights and exceptional customer support, our software platform empowers your organization to leverage knowledge as a strategic advantage, driving growth and innovation.

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Solutions by Team Role
Solutions by Team Role
Solutions by Team Role
Lisa Jasper - Director of Performance Improvement

Explore solutions tailored to your needs

Bloomfire can be configured for small-to-medium sized businesses to multinational enterprises. Say goodbye to complicated, difficult to maintain folder structures. Our platform can grow with your business and scale across multiple departments and geographies. Linking communities together using our cross-community search enables teams to work smarter together, instead of harder apart.

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Knowledge Management

Make knowledge sharing easier across your entire organization

Use Bloomfire for Knowledge Management
Knowledge, content, and documents can sometimes get trapped in silos and lost in complicated folder structures that are the backbone of many enterprise document management solutions. Say goodbye to all that confusion and embrace AI tools to help you find, create, curate, and manage collective knowledge in a secure and reliable platform.

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Research and Insights

Amplify your insights across the organization.

Use Bloomfire as your Research and Insights engine
Research activities represent a significant investment for your company. But are those reports readily accessible to the teams that need them? Explore our AI-powered tools that help provide a digital megaphone to amplify the reach and impact of your insights team.

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Customer Success

Make knowledge your team’s CX superpower

Use Bloomfire as the Knowledge Base for your Customer Success Team
Deliver your best CX by supercharging your team and customers with the knowledge they need for excellent customer service and improved first-call resolution rates. Let Bloomfire put a collective knowledge engine in the hands of every frontline worker.

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The knowledge that exists across your organization is your company’s greatest asset. Bloomfire helps you protect that asset and increase your strategic advantage–without requiring you to rely heavily on your IT team.


Kick off your project by establishing your goals, key players and their roles, metrics you will use to measure progress, and mapping out your community and access group structure. Get training on how to use the platform to meet your goals.


Begin using the software and create your first community. Set up governance, operational settings, and categorization. Customize branding, choose color schemes, and set up your custom homepage.


Populate your community with content and ensure the platform is through beta testing to collect early feedback. Prepare teams for a successful launch.


Invite your users into the community and host a launch event. We will help you build and execute a change management plan.

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