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100% of Bloomfire knowledge management platform customers* say that being data-driven allows them to be more cost efficient. Businesses can only become data-driven when their employees have easy access to the right information at the right time. See how much time and money your organization is losing without a purpose-built knowledge management platform.

From disconnected information to collective knowledge and efficiency Bloomfire customers report saving as many as 4 hours per week by leveraging Bloomfire to quickly access the information they need, when they need it. Use this calculator to estimate your ROI with a purpose-built knowledge management platform

How do you intend to use Bloomfire?


Company Knowledge Base

I want to centralize knowledge for my entire organization


Research and Insights Library

I want to create a library for managing and distributing Market Research and Insights


Customer Support Knowledge Base

I want to empower my customer support agents with knowledge so they are more effective and productive.

How many people should have access to the centralized knowledge at your organization?

0 50,000

What is the average salary at your organization?

Your Return On Investment

See how much time and money your organization could save with Bloomfire.

Annual savings

Annual savings


Investing in Knowledge Management pays for itself. In addition to what you’ll save through efficiency, what is the price of the knowledge that walks out the door with your employees?

Estimated ROI


Estimated Annual Hours Saved

13 hours

What more can your team accomplish and contribute with all that extra time?

Estimated annual searches


That’s XX less notifications and emails to distract team members by requiring a shoulder tap response. What will you be able to focus on while your team self-serves collective knowledge?

About our calculator
  • Time savings is based on a 2022 data study of Bloomfire knowledge management platform customers. That study found that 80% of Bloomfire customers reported saving all employees using the platform at least 1 hour per week with 30% reporting a savings of more than 3 hours per week.
  • On average, every customer using bloomfire conducts 147 searches per year in their platform.

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