Premier Customer Support Knowledge Base

Empower Your Support Team with a Premier Customer Support Knowledge Base

Bloomfire’s knowledge management system for customer support seamlessly connects your agents with the information they need, streamlining resolutions and boosting customer satisfaction.

Timely and accurate support defines customer loyalty and satisfaction, so having a centralized source of knowledge is essential. Bloomfire’s customer support knowledge base software centralizes and refines your support content, ensuring that agents can access up-to-date information quickly. Elevate your support experience, reduce resolution times, and build lasting customer relationships and loyalty with Bloomfire.

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Streamlining Customer Support Excellence

Immediate access to accurate information is vital for top-tier customer service. Many companies need help with scattered support content, outdated articles, or the absence of a unified knowledge base. These challenges often lead to extended resolution times, inconsistent answers, and, ultimately, dissatisfied customers. A superior customer support knowledge base consolidates and organizes essential support resources, allowing agents to offer timely and precise assistance and enhance customer experience.

Maximize efficiency with a Customer Support Knowledge Base

90 %

of Bloomfire customers report each team member saves at least an hour per week (Source: Bloomfire ROI Survey)

23 %

improvement in first-contact resolution rate for companies with a well-structured KMS (Source: Aberdeen)

20 %

of time spent by knowledge workers searching for internal information or seeking colleagues for assistance (Source: McKinsey)

The Buyers Guide to Knowledge Management Software

Our guide walks you through the value of knowledge management platforms, how to evaluate different types of technology, how to choose the best solution for your business, and how to get buy-in for the answer from your entire organization.

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Equip Your Team with Bloomfire’s Knowledge Management System for Customer Support

Prompt and accurate responses are critical in customer support today. A leading knowledge base software solution for customer support provides information and also ensures teams can access the correct answers when they matter most. Centralizing this knowledge fosters a deeper understanding of customer needs and challenges, facilitating rapid resolution and providing consistent support experiences.

AI-Powered Enterprise Search & Discovery

Bloomfire’s Content and Documentation Management feature makes creating and maintaining a rich, comprehensive customer support knowledge base simpler than ever. With tools designed for efficiency and ease of use, support teams can swiftly compile, organize, and update essential articles, FAQs, and guides. The intuitive interface ensures that adding and editing content is a hassle-free process, empowering teams to keep the knowledge base current and comprehensive. This immediacy in information update and access ensures that support agents are always equipped with the most recent and relevant information, enabling them to provide accurate and timely responses to customer inquiries.

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Solutions Architect

With state-of-the-art AI, Bloomfire’s search functionality ensures instant access to the needed support information. Users no longer have to wade through multiple channels or isolated databases. Generative AI, semantic search, and comprehensive indexing—even of multimedia content like video, audio files, images, and PDF—ensure agents get direct, accurate answers. Bloomfire enhances information accuracy and efficiency by optimizing the information retrieval process, allowing agents to focus on delivering top-tier support.

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Bloomfire’s customer support platform offers everyone access to vital support knowledge regardless of their position. Its intuitive design ensures that all staff—from frontline agents to management—can contribute to and benefit from a centralized hub of support data. By breaking down information silos, Bloomfire guarantees that everyone can leverage the company’s collective support know-how, streamlining responses and enhancing customer satisfaction, whether it’s a new agent or a veteran supervisor.

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Create custom communities

For holistic support solutions, collaboration is vital. Bloomfire facilitates collaboration by creating a digital space where teams can converge, share insights, and collaboratively address customer issues. Integrated tools encourage spontaneous discussions, collective problem-solving, and feedback, uniting business and support teams around a shared goal: exceptional customer service.

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Ramp-up was very fast after the software was rolled out to reps. Historically, we had a very sociable culture in the support organization, but with no more leaning over the shoulder of the rep next to you, people weren’t sure they would get the right answer. But people became very positive once they began to get more efficient and correct answers in a short time [through Bloomfire]. New reps, in particular, love it—they say they’d be “lost without it.” They probably would be because we have more knowledge than you can store in one person’s head. Bloomfire doesn’t forget anything. The system is now at over 90% [of questions answered].

Support Enablement ManagerToast

The quality of content with relevant information is always in there. Bloomfire has saved customer service reps time and ensured they get questions answered.

Director of Medical InformationMetagenics

With Bloomfire, customer service reps can type a question that a client asks them over the phone, and because of that deep indexing, it pulls up the information they need to answer that client.

Manager of Instructional DesignPennyMac

Bloomfire’s Knowledge Base for Customer Support Features

Analytics Suite

Monitoring and reporting on how support content is accessed and utilized provides insights into potential content gaps and areas for improvement. Analytics can reveal popular knowledge areas, frequently searched terms, and overall user engagement, helping to refine the support process.

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Data Security

Safeguarding sensitive customer information and support data is paramount. This feature ensures that support-related knowledge is secure, maintaining trust in your support processes. Be confident that stringent protocols are in place to protect data integrity and privacy, reinforcing customer trust.

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Q&A Collective Knowledge Engine

Allow support agents to ask questions, flag feedback, and share knowledge to encourage a collaborative, peer-to-peer support environment.

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Seamlessly integrate with a variety of applications and tools, enhancing the efficiency and accessibility of your knowledge and content. From CRM systems like Salesforce to communication platforms like Slack, Bloomfire ensures that your valuable information is easily accessible and always at your fingertips.

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