Insurance Knowledge Management

Insurance Knowledge Management

Enhancing efficiency and safety through Knowledge Management in the Insurance industry.

Insurance companies navigate a complex ecosystem defined by evolving regulations, intricate policies, and the ever-changing needs of policyholders. The challenges posed by managing vast volumes of information while ensuring compliance, efficient claims processing, and superior customer service are paramount. Insurance professionals require a seamless mechanism to centralize, organize, and access critical knowledge while adhering to stringent data security standards, such as HIPPA, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

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Insurance Knowledge Management

The insurance sector’s reliance on timely, accurate information to underwrite policies, manage claims, and provide exceptional customer service further accentuates the significance of robust Knowledge Management solutions. A streamlined approach to sharing insights and best practices becomes pivotal to businesses as teams collaborate across underwriting, claims, customer service, and regulatory compliance departments. Bloomfire’s specialized insurance Knowledge Management system is the essential tool to address these industry-specific challenges, offering insurers the ability to harness the power of collective wisdom, ensure regulatory compliance, and elevate their competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market.

With Bloomfire’s knowledge management solution, you can:

Take Advantage of Knowledge Management for Insurance

Drive data-driven decisions

Accelerate claims with AI insight

In the insurance industry, where time is often of the essence, efficient processing and timely resolution of claims are vital. Bloomfire’s AI-Powered Search & Discovery is engineered to understand context, ensuring that representatives get precisely the information they need when they need it. By leveraging this advanced search capability, manual work is reduced by 80%, and processing times can be halved. This streamlines internal operations and significantly enhances client satisfaction as claims are resolved faster and more accurately.

Save Time with AI-Powered Search
Optimize safety and operations

Uphold data security standards

We are SOC2 Type II compliant, ensuring stringent standards for data protection. With our end-to-end data encryption at rest and during transmission, we use the robust AES-256 encryption protocol to safeguard all user data. The data stored within our platform resides on servers housed in SSAE-compliant facilities. These facilities guarantee the highest security standards, ensuring your data remains accessible and confidential. Our encrypted backups and multiple storage locations also offer redundancy, ensuring data availability even in unforeseen circumstances.

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Increase your team's efficiency

Collaborate among claims, underwriting, and customer service teams

Self-Administration empowers insurance agencies to maintain complete control over their Bloomfire platform. With intuitive tools and customizable settings, insurance professionals can effortlessly set user permissions, manage content, and ensure that the correct information reaches the right individuals. This level of autonomy streamlines operations and reduces the dependency on IT, fostering a more agile and responsive insurance service environment.

Easy Administration
Data-driven decisions

Access actionable insights for data-driven decisions

Understanding user behavior and content needs is essential for refining your knowledge base. With Bloomfire’s Analytics Suite, you can gain deep insights into your agents’ activities and knowledge demands. Monitor which questions are most referenced by your agents, pinpoint the keywords that employees search for most frequently, and recognize the top-performing employees who are highly engaged with the platform. These analytics empower insurers to continuously improve content relevance, streamline workflows, and boost operational efficiency.

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87 %

of Bloomfire customers have improved their knowledge governance to protect themselves against security risks.

93 %

of Bloomfire customers report more efficient remote and hybrid work with Bloomfire

64 %

of Bloomfire customers report they can make more data-driven decisions because they leverage Bloomfire

Why Bloomfire for Insurance Services?

In the competitive landscape of the Insurance industry, having an efficient knowledge management system is pivotal for success. Companies are challenged to manage complex policies, regulations, and evolving customer needs. Bloomfire, the ultimate knowledge management solution, empowers insurers to navigate these intricacies seamlessly.

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Claims Processing Hub

Effortlessly manage and access policy documentation. Accelerate claims processing by ensuring all team members have instant access to up-to-date information, enabling quicker decision-making and resolution.

Rapid Onboarding Toolkit

Equip new hires with essential training materials, ensure a seamless integration process, and reduce the learning curve. Experience a 15% decrease in new hire on-boarding time.

Document Version Control

Ensure consistency in documentation and policies by managing different versions of key documents, making sure everyone works with the most up-to-date information.

“One of the things we love about Bloomfire compared to SharePoint is that we’re able to run reports and determine which associates actually reviewed the content. What we want to do now is encourage people to look at documentation throughout the day and not assume they already know the information.”

Tammy ShelmanVice President, Member Experience
AGIA Affinity

“In the short time since launching this system, we’ve seen high levels of user engagement. Users have felt empowered to provide feedback through the platform, which allows us to continually make improvements. We anticipate that Bloomfire will make our customer-facing associates more efficient at their jobs by giving them one place to find answers to questions and allowing them to share feedback so they feel they are connected and part of the larger customer experience process.”

Chelle SwansonPerformance and Process Improvement Specialist

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