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Data Security

Bloomfire is SOC2 Type II compliant. We use end-to-end data encryption at rest and all user data using AES-256. Any data stored in the platform is kept on servers held in SSAE-compliant facilities with encrypted backups and multiple storage locations.

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Unwavering commitment to Data Security

Data integrity and protection lie at the heart of every successful digital operation. At Bloomfire, we prioritize your data’s safety by adhering to the highest standards of security. Beyond our rigorous security protocols, we’re transparent about our practices and readily share our recent SOC2 audit results. Rest assured, your data is not only safeguarded but always recoverable.

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Secure Your Data

Bloomfire handles customer data responsibly to protect confidential and sensitive information.

Compliance Ready
Compliance Ready

Our servers handle the most stringent security programs for finance, healthcare, and government.

Audit For Risk
Audit For Risk

Ask to see our most recent SOC2 audit results.

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Secure Backups

We ensure your data is recoverable and secure.

“Bloomfire is great because it is in one location that is private, shareable, with a very robust search engine; with Bloomfire they can also attach any type of document (pdf, video file, audio file), allowing for all kinds of multimedia responses. Now, reps can just ‘Google’ information internally for themselves.”

Dr. Mark A. Kaye, Director of Medical Information
87 %

of Bloomfire customers have improved their knowledge governance to protect themselves against security risks.

93 %

of Bloomfire customers report more efficient remote and hybrid work with Bloomfire

64 %

of Bloomfire customers report they can make more data-driven decisions because they leverage Bloomfire

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the configuration, data may remain on your existing cloud base storage or be uploaded to a Bloomfire platform tenant. Any data stored in Bloomfire is kept in SSAE-compliant facilities with encrypted backups and multiple storage locations.

We are SOC2 Type II compliant and audit our servers and security protocols regularly. Simply set up a meeting with our team, and we would be happy to review the results of our most recent audit with you. Some of our best customers come from highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services and banking, and the government.

We have a risk assessment in place using a CIA framework (confidentiality, integrity, availability). We also regularly report on controls relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy for our customers. If you’d like to review the full policy, speak with your Account Executive, and they can share it with you.

We recognize that when it comes to your company knowledge, if our platform stops working, so do your teams. We commit to 99.9% uptime for the application – and we put that in writing.

We recognize the expectation of our customers to access a security compliance report from an external auditor. SOC 2 is more frequently preferred by our customers, and most importantly, we feel it helps us best maintain our focus on customer data security. ISO 27001 is an excellent security compliance program, and for a while, we ran both. Our audits showed there was a lot of overlap, and it was not necessary to maintain both. For those reasons, in 2022, Bloomfire has decided to adopt SOC 2 as our single security compliance program going forward.

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