Build-Your-Own Digital Knowledge Worker

Build-Your-Own Digital Knowledge Worker

Powered by the unique fingerprint of your company’s information, Bloomfire creates a digital knowledge worker that augments the performance of your employees. Through continuous feedback loops, your team can certify knowledge and improve the efficacy of responses in real time.

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Elevating knowledge with digital precision

Bloomfire’s Build-Your-Own Digital Knowledge Worker harnesses the power of AI and real-time feedback to deliver precise, relevant information. This not only enhances search effectiveness and identifies potential knowledge gaps, but also bolsters productivity and builds deeper trust in the system’s accuracy and security.

Drag and Drop Editor

Users provide real-time feedback loops through flags, questions, and search engagement.

Make Data-driven decisions

Robust reporting measures AI search effectiveness and identifies knowledge gaps.

Compliance Ready

AI tools augment the performance of your team, raising productivity.

Create Series of Related Content

Accuracy and security build trust from your user base.

AI model for Knowledge Management

Our AI model is good at answering questions from the world, but it gets better when answering questions about your world.


Proof Points:

84 %

of users say they find it easy or very easy to find content in Bloomfire

100 %

of questions asked in the platform have been certified as accurate

2 X

First call resolution rates have doubled since launching Bloomfire

Frequently Asked Questions

Bloomfire’s AI-powered knowledge management program is a digital knowledge worker that serves to augment employees by searching, selecting, synthesizing, surfacing and socializing knowledge among your team. As you configure and adopt the platform, it gets better at understanding the context of your industry and specific job functions to improve the curation of your content.

The Bloomfire platform has AI functionality at every step of the knowledge lifecycle and helps to improve search performance, pinpoint exact answers for your teams, and speed up the process of authoring of content.

We leverage our proprietary technology in addition to a variety of AI techniques, including intent recognition, semantic search, and large language models (LLMs).

Absolutely. The safety and security of our customer data is paramount. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant and ensure that your data remains confidential and protected with end-to-end encryption. Some of our best customers come from highly regulated industries like healthcare, financial services banking, and the government.

We continually invest in improving all aspects of our platform, including AI. We never release a feature until we are completely satisfied that it is secure and provides accurate results.

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