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Meet Stephanie Schuhmacher, Lead UX Designer and Homebrewer

June 30, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Employee Spotlight  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Welcome back to our employee spotlight series. Today, we’d like to introduce you to Stephanie Schuhmacher, Bloomfire’s lead UX designer. She’s pictured above in the tasting room at Hops & Grain Craft Brewery. Stephanie’s favorite of their beers is Zoe, a dry-hopped, German-inspired, pale lager. Where are you from? I’m originally from Texas but moved to Austin to attend college and simply fell in ... Read more
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Bloomfire Named a 2015 Best Place to Work by the Austin Business Journal

June 29, 2015  |  Posted in Employee Spotlight, News, Press Releases  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
AUSTIN, Texas – June 29, 2015 – Bloomfire today announced it has been recognized by the Austin Business Journal as a 2015 Best Places to Work in Central Texas. The social knowledge network provider was one of seventy organizations honored at a luncheon on Friday, June 26. “Bloomfire was founded on the premise of helping organizations build more engaged workforces and ... Read more
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Six Building Blocks of a Successful Social Customer Care Program

June 29, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Developing a social customer care program requires understanding and anticipating what consumers want over social networks. Often this means being direct, honest, and quick to respond. Here are six essential parts of a successful customer care program that can help you develop and maintain a positive relationship with your customers – both online and off.  Social Media Monitoring Tools A number of ... Read more
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How Can a Knowledge Management System Improve Sales?

June 26, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement, Social Learning  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Your leads care how quickly someone responds to their questions and concerns. A knowledge management system allows sales representatives to pull up the information right away and reply on the spot, instead of waiting to hear back from someone else in the company. Access to a knowledge management system helps get the right information in front of the right people at ... Read more
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Meet Adi Gaskell, Social Business and Innovation Specialist

June 25, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Profiles  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
Adi Gaskell writes about the latest trends in social business, collaboration, and innovation for sites that include DZone, Social Business News, Social Media Today, and  Tell me about your career. I’m a horizon scanner, so I basically look at the latest university research and some of the most innovative case studies, and try and make that information accessible and digestible. I ... Read more
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Bloomfire Releases Enhanced Search and Responsive Design Updates

June 24, 2015  |  Posted in News, Press Releases  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
AUSTIN, Texas – June 24, 2015 – Bloomfire today announced key updates to its social knowledge network platform intended to provide a more responsive, intuitive, user experience across all devices. The upgrades, which include improved search and navigation, will be rolled out in coming weeks. They were based on customer feedback gleaned during Bloomfire’s annual user conference in May. “We’ve heard ... Read more
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How OgilvyOne Uses Bloomfire as a Curated Content Hub 

June 24, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support, Sales Enablement  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
I was excited to hear Evan Shumeyko of OgilvyOne speak at the Bloomfire user conference because I’d heard secondhand all about the success they’ve had with Bloomfire. They improved engagement by 30 percent, increased user satisfaction by 75 percent, and saved $200,000 by switching from a competing product. OgilvyOne uses Bloomfire as a curated content hub that connects to a larger ... Read more
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Why are Today’s Salespeople so Unprepared?

June 23, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Sales Enablement  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
How often in the course of a week or a month do you answer the same question? Back when he worked in sales management positions, Trey Tramonte, the President and CEO of Bloomfire, repeatedly experienced a frustration familiar to all sales executives. “I would receive the same question 10 to 15 times a week from various reps or managers,” he said. Salespeople ... Read more
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Keeping Social Care Real

June 22, 2015  |  Posted in Blog, Customer Support  |  By Jodi Bart Holzband @tastytouring
To maintain a social care program, companies must manage and make sense of a sea of information that ebbs and flows by the minute. This includes assessing volume, validity, and severity of complaints that span multiple social networks. Legal and compliance issues can delay responses. Marketing and sales can muddy the waters by insisting their messages are included. Striking the right ... Read more
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Managing the Email Firehose

I have worked with numerous people over the years who obsess over having a zero inbox. The first time I heard the term “zero inbox”, I admittedly was very intrigued. Who wouldn’t want to clean out their inbox, I thought? The first person to tell me about zero inbox was more than happy to share his workflow with me. It ... Read more
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