What Do You Think?

Bloomfire Admin
1 min

Just this morning I ran across this tweet from @ValaAfshar:

I couldn’t agree more. Employers are getting overwhelmed by the ‘collaboration’ buzzword. They want their employees to feel as if their work environment is conducive to collaboration and engagement so they spend money implementing programs without a true understanding of if and how they will really work (newsflash, most don’t).

Instead of materializing their collaboration efforts, employers should just ask for their employees feedback.  Rather than presenting an idea without the request for feedback, employers should ask their employees, ‘what do you think?’, in hopes of generating an engaging conversation. People love to give feedback, even more so when it’s asked of them from a boss or supervisor. This is a great way to generate genuine, organic collaboration – there isn’t a hefty software installation required, just good ol’ conversation between colleagues.

Bottom line – start asking for feedback and you might surprised by the quality of information that is produced.


August 12, 2013

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