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    Cloud based services are all around us now, and we use them without really thinking about it. It has become second nature to post photos or upload documents to the “cloud”. Often, security of that content is not given a second thought. Most cloud based services do a great job of securing their infrastructure and keeping up with the latest threats. However, how often have you just shared a link to something that is on your cloud drive? I use Dropbox often to share files, and I find myself hitting the “Share Dropbox Link” button quite a bit to send a file to someone. When I do that, I have just made that file public. Anyone that has that link can read my file!

    At Bloomfire, we allow you to secure your community so that only authorized people are able to see your content. However, if you have uploaded a video or a document, you can set your community settings to allow downloads of that file. The links that we generate to your content all have fixed expiration times. We never create an unprotected link to your content, so you’ll always be in control of who can see and download your Bloomfire community content.

    As you use your various cloud services for your day to day sharing, make sure that you are keeping control of your content and who can see it. At Bloomfire, we will continue to work on finding easier ways to collaborate while keeping your content secure. If you have any questions or suggestions about security at Bloomfire, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


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