How to Become More Efficient in Managing Information Overload

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    Having too much information is actually becoming a problem. It’s referred to as ‘Information Overload’. We are being inundated with this new found mantra of being connected 24/7 with our smartphones, tablets, laptops, phablets, etc. Which in turns keep us constantly connected and constantly receiving emails – information – that gets lost somewhere down the road.

    A study by LexisNexis found 62% of workers feel their work suffers at times because they have to search for the information necessary to do their job. Typically, this searching is done within your email. Just imagine the amount of emails you have to sift through to find what you are looking for, and what if that email isn’t ever found? Are you in trouble?

    As I sit here and write this post on information overload and how email is a huge distraction, I have received 10 emails that have caused me to lose focus. A post that should take me 10 minutes to write has taken me an hour to crank out. I could fix this problems by turning off all email notifications, put my phone away, and focus solely on the project at hand. To think, I wasted 50 minutes. That is time I could have spent writing 5 other blogs, walking my dog, or finishing any other project currently on my plate.

    What if there was an efficient way to manage all of the information that comes through your inbox every single day? There are plenty of collaboration, document sharing, social business-like, tools out there that claim they solve this problem. But be careful. Some of these tools, specifically ones that focus on status update streams can actually end up being more of a time suck and distraction. Here at Bloomfire, we are laser focused on creating a platform that can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend searching for information to do your job, easing all of your ‘information overload’ pains. Bloomfire allows you to upload documents, ask and answer questions, search for information, all while interacting on a social level with your coworkers.  Be the hero in your office, try Bloomfire today!

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