Deep Dive: Bloomfire Advanced Reporting

Written by Bloomfire Admin

Ever wished you could dive deeper into your enterprise collaboration data? You’re not alone. That’s why Bloomfire recently introduced Advanced Reporting, raising the bar on enterprise collaboration analytics.

Bloomfire Advanced Reporting provides a rich, detailed set of engagement reports that complement Bloomfire’s existing analytics dashboard to show the true engagement of your collaboration initiatives. Featuring more than a dozen new reports, this enhanced analytics package includes detailed drill-down reports, use-case specific reports, broad filtering and export options and full API support to ensure customers achieve the greatest ROI across internal and external communities.

Common use cases include:

Sales enablement:

sales managers can now determine which content sales reps engage with most and what materials drive the highest collaboration in order to improve the value of all content.


training managers can easily monitor the progress of employees through onboarding processes and send reminders to individuals as needed in order to speed training activities without compromising effectiveness.

Customer support:

client support directors can quickly determine which support questions remains unanswered and how efficiently individual reps are managing their support queues in order to improve overall customer satisfaction.

To check it out for yourself, watch this demo.

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