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Capital One + Estee Lauder: How to Succeed with Flex Work

The days of colleagues working an 8-hour shift in the same office together could soon be obsolete in the new era of flex work. While flex working is not necessarily a new concept, companies are increasingly embracing this new norm, and adoption has accelerated as environmental and market forces have required businesses to adjust. As companies plan for the long-term, the most critical component is creating a solid foundation that enables employees to do their best work in an increasingly decentralized work environment.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • The evolution of flex working and how it differs from remote working
  • The challenges and benefits of flex working
  • working
  • How to make collaboration successful when you have dispersed teams
  • Real-world lessons and best practices from leading companies that have made the shift to this new norm of working

There’s no way to get around it. You need the right technology and you need to empower people to use it.

Melina McPhee, Manager of Global Customer Care, the Estee Lauder Companies

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