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White Paper How Knowledge Management can accelerate your sales process

Our Customers These brands are leveraging knowledge sharing to boost efficiency

We work with companies to help them increase efficiency by providing exceptional knowledge sharing and customer support platform solutions.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Capital One
Dan Zadik
If someone sends an email with a question, the respondent often says ‘Let me Bloomfire that for you’ rather than ‘Let me Google that for you.’
Dan Zadik
Solution Engineering Leader, Dun & Bradstreet

What you'll learn Our white papers are packed with knowledge

How often in the course of a week or a month do you answer the same question? Sales people tend to face a lot of the same questions from customers, but each time an individual receives an answer to a commonly asked question, no one else benefits from the response.

Learn how knowledge management (KM) can save you time and money by making info shareable and accessible.

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    Sales and marketing alignment

    Marketing is creating content based on the common needs of your buyer personas. Don’t let it go to waste; make it shareable and accessible to your sales reps.
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    Refine your training process

    Learn to organize your training content in a knowledge management system in an intuitive way.
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    Enable more sales

    Easy access to information enables sales reps to do their jobs more efficiently so they can spend more time selling.
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    What to look for in a KM system

    In this white paper, you will learn which features will impact the overall cost, adoption, and success of your knowledge management system rollout.