Blog Implicit, Tacit, and Explicit Knowledge: What's the Difference?

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Bloomfire has really strategically given us the ability to break down the silos of where information lives so end users can come in and find information fast.
Jason Gambill
Manager of Electric Safety and Training

What You'll Get The quick guide to implicit, tacit, and explicit knowledge

Download this 2-page PDF so that you'll have a convenient resource to refer back to when thinking about the role of implicit, tacit, and explicit knowledge in the workplace.

  • Quick Definitions of Knowledge Types

    Learn how to distinguish between explicit, tacit, and implicit knowledge.
  • Real-World Examples

    Get examples of the three different knowledge types in the workplace.
  • Value of Accessible Knowledge

    Explore the value of breaking down silos and making explicit, tacit, and implicit knowledge available to all employees.