Part 3: Considerations

How to Fuel Your Insights Engine

The fuel for a successful insights engine comes from the combination of people with the right skills and technology that enables those people to do their best work.

Must-Have Skills and Knowledge

Analytical and Creative ThinkingInsights teams have traditionally focused on interpreting data, so it’s no surprise that many people drawn to this field are highly analytical. But a successful insights engine requires a combination of analytical and creative thinking: people who can analyze data, uncover the insights that matter most, and present their insights and recommendations in ways that resonate with their stakeholders.

Understanding How Insights Support Business GoalsInsights professionals must be able to see the forest, not just the trees. Kantar Vermeer’s i2020 study found that 75% of respondents from high-performing firms believed their insights teams were business-focused, compared to only 50% from lower-performing firms. Advanced insights teams consider the business impact of their work–and tailor their insights delivery to support the needs of different stakeholder groups.

Storytelling and MarketingFor insights to have a meaningful impact on an organization, insights team members must know how to market to their internal audience. And one of the best ways to market to this audience is to transform data and insights into compelling stories that make stakeholders want to take action.

Insights Engine Software Buying Checklist

If you’re searching for technology to power your insights engine but are new to the enterprise software buying process, you might be wondering where to begin. We’ve got you covered with this handy software buying checklist.

Want to take the checklist with you? Download an interactive PDF now.

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