Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Deliver a personalized content experience.

Bloomfire is committed to advancing our proprietary artificial intelligence technology to deliver the most relevant, personalized experience. Using a combination of TextRank and PageRank, our Al-powered software creates a digital “fingerprint” of your content based on keywords. This establishes contextual similarities that help users save time during the content upload process by auto-tagging your content. It also helps to deepen the user experience by suggesting content the user may find helpful.


  • Simple Search
    We deep index every word of every piece of content — text within PDFs, powerpoints, etc. — to make the document incredibly easy to find. We even transcribe videos automatically, so every word spoken in each video is searchable.
  • Browse By Topic Of Interest
    Users who don't know the exact piece of research they are looking for can use the browse feature to browse or narrow search results by topic, content type, author, and more.
  • Document Preview
    No need to download documents you search for — quickly skim the content within a post. View where your search term appears within the document to quickly identify the most relevant content.
  • Related Content Suggestions
    When you pull up a piece of research, content that is related to that research appears, helping you extend your knowledge.


  • Respond
    View, share, high five, and comment on posts and research.
  • Multiple Authors
    If you’re working on a group project, create a post that can be edited and curated as a team with multiple authors.
  • Notifications
    Users can customize their emails and notifications settings so they get them as often as they’d like. You can also @mention people so they will get a notification about the research posted.
  • Access By Groups And Communities
    You can customize the setup of Bloomfire to fit your organization so you can control who has access to each piece of content.


ConsolidateYour stakeholders have a single platform to access all your team's research — and know it's up to date.

Enable Self-ServiceInstead of asking questions via email, enable your business and operational teams to self-serve. Bloomfire's Q&A engine helps you build a library of FAQs so that users can quickly find answers to questions — or post questions that don't already have answers so they can be answered.

Eliminate Redundant ResearchBloomfire's curation features ensure that your research is up-to-date and everyone has access to the latest version so you eliminate duplicated efforts.

Auto-TaggingWhen content is uploaded, Bloomfire's artificial intelligence engine automatically applies relevant tags for your content to make it even easier to find by others.


  • Mass Update
    Applying changes to your content organizational structure is as simple as drag and drop - in bulk.
  • Provide Commentary And Summaries
    Embed executive summaries to your posts to provide users with the information they may need without reading the entire report.
  • Always Up To Date
    Bloomfire helps you keep content fresh by allowing you to set time sensitive reports to auto-expire, set review reminders, and schedule posts to be published at a future date.
  • Simplify Vendor Research Publishing
    Reign in the multitude of vendor research portals by giving them a place to submit reports for you to review and publish to your platform.


  • Integrate Business Intelligence
    With Bloomfire, you can integrate your business information tools like Tableau and Hadoop so that users can access charts, graphs, and other visual information.
  • Measure Engagement
    See who is viewing, commenting on, and liking your research. Identify your most valuable content and who is interacting with what research.
  • Find Research Gaps
    Search data shows what your stakeholders are looking for so you can identify potential areas for new research.
  • Create a Content Feedback Loop
    Improve research and refine insights based on reactions and comments from business and operational team members.


Bloomfire’s open API makes set-up, implementation and adoption quick, with minimal down time.
Supporting Google Chrome, Slack, Tableau, Domo, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Salesforce and Zendesk.

Fully Mobile

You can access Bloomfire from any device.

Bloomfire is completely responsive so you can access it from any device or via our iOS and Android apps.


Bloomfire's security is backed by SOC 2 certification and the platform is HIPPA-ready. So you can have peace of mind that your data is safe.

SSO Authentication

With single sign-on users can seamlessly navigate between systems without having to login every time.

Backup And Recovery

Bloomfire's SOC II Compliant, HIPAA ready security database is replicated across multiple AZs in real time, allowing us to continue operation with the loss of any single AZ. We also take snapshots of our data and store them apart from our servers throughout the day.

Role-Based Permissions

Control what research each user can access and edit. Your system admins and can easily manage roles and permissions in one centralized place.


Bloomfire is hosted by Amazon Web Services, which has strong safeguards to protect your data. Their world class security uses multiple security layers to prevent unauthorized access to the hardware and infrastructure.

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