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AI-Powered Authoring Tools

Bloomfire’s knowledge management authoring tools streamline creation and sharing of content effortlessly across your business. Empower authors to create actionable, high-quality content that’s tailored to their target audience with a suite of AI features for writing and refining content. Automatically index and transcribe all published content in real time.

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Take knowledge authoring
to the next level

Simplify the time-intensive process of building high-quality, actionable posts. Start with a document, video, or article and use a suite of generative AI tools with cutting-edge prompt engineering to add summaries, key takeaways, and insights from your original content. Choose from several options for refining tone, voice, and formatting so knowledge is tailored to your target audience.

Content creation made easy

Bloomfire’s knowledge management platform asier than ever to create new posts, upload existing documents, summarize, format, highlight and transcribe from any of your knowledge sources. Authors can access a whole suite of generative tools that helps them provide context to attached documents, or even clarify or rewrite complex technical content into the most salient points. Creating and sharing knowledge has never been faster!

Drag and Drop Editor
AI Author Assist

AI Author Assist helps your teams write quality content with summaries, key takeaways, and insights.

AI Generated Tags
Generate Tags

Automatically tag and index all published content so it’s easy to find.

Upload and Centralize Research
High Powered Document Rendering

Document rendering and viewing directly in posts – including video and audio.

Create Series of Related Content
Create Series of Related Content

Create collections of multiple inter-linked posts.

Jessica Mclaughlin, Giltner Logistics

Bloomfire has been more helpful than I would have ever imagined, there is no end to how valuable this program can be for your organization. I am constantly updating our posts to ensure the content is fresh and up to date.

Jessica Mclaughlin, Giltner Logistics

Companies using Bloomfire typically see…

183 %

increase in published knowledge articles in first 6 months of using Bloomfire

95 %

say content is more frequently used and better understood since implementing Bloomfire

2 X

Bloomfire customers see 2x year-over-year growth in questions asked in the platform

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to add information to Bloomfire is to create a new post. Posts can contain embedded documents or attachments, with everything indexed for search. We also have integrations with popular cloud-based document storage systems that can be used to upload files.

Yes! Access groups can be easily configured for different teams or departments, and content can be cross-published to multiple groups. This allows you to maintain a single copy of a post, even if it’s cross-published, and easily push out changes to all who have access.

Within a post, you can attach any kind of file. These files – including PDFs, presentations, videos, and audio files – are all indexed for search and are rendered directly in the system, so users don’t need to download or leave the platform to open the attachment.

Yes! Our rich text editor allows you to insert images and embed interactive visualizations from tools like Power BI or Tableau. Get as creative as you like! If you know how to code, you can use custom HTML to make your posts even more fancy.

Our suite of AI-powered tools functions as a digital knowledge worker that augments the performance of your human knowledge workers by providing outputs that are sourced from the content in your Bloomfire platform. When you supply the system with certified content, it helps ensure accuracy when responding to queries about that information.

We leverage our proprietary technology in addition to a variety of AI techniques, including intent recognition, semantic search, and large language models (LLMs) to deliver the industry’s best ai powered knowledge management authoring tools.

Absolutely. The safety and security of our customer data is paramount. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant and ensure that your data remains confidential and protected with end-to-end encryption.

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