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Capture Knowledge Across the Organization with Bloomfire

Create posts that capture knowledge in any format

Rich media

Use our rich media editor to create posts that make information easy to digest. Add files, embed images or videos, insert links, display tables and data visualizations–no matter what form your knowledge takes, you can preserve it in Bloomfire.


Add your own thumbnails or choose from an image library to provide users with some quick visual context before they click into a post.


Create series of related posts to keep information organized, break in-depth content into bite-sized learnings, and guide users along a clear path.

Connect your favorite file management systems

Choose or build your own

Upload content directly from Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, or Dropbox–or use our open API to integrate your preferred file management system with Bloomfire.

Preserve questions and answers–and make them searchable

Comprehensive Search

Search Bloomfire to see if your question has already been answered.


Publish questions in Bloomfire and crowdsource answers.


Mention subject matter experts to send them a notification and encourage them to answer your question.

Accepted Answers

Choose an Accepted Answer to show other users which response best answered your question.

Keep the conversation going in the comments

Post Comments

Comment on posts to ask a clarifying question, add your knowledge to the conversation, or let the author know their content is valuable.


Preserve comments even after employees leave the organization so their knowledge and feedback is never lost.

Rich Comments

Add images, gifs, and emojis to comments when words aren’t enough.

Learn how you can capture knowledge.