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White Paper Proving the Value: Getting Internal Buy-In for a Knowledge Sharing Platform

Our Customers These brands are leveraging knowledge sharing to boost efficiency

We work with companies to help them increase efficiency by providing exceptional knowledge sharing and customer support platform solutions.

  • Southwest Airlines
  • FedEx
  • Capital One
Dan Zadik
If someone sends an email with a question, the respondent often says ‘Let me Bloomfire that for you’ rather than ‘Let me Google that for you.’
Dan Zadik
Solution Engineering Leader, Dun & Bradstreet

What you'll learn Our white papers are packed with knowledge

Most leaders know that a silo mentality reduces organizational efficiency, which in turn reduces productivity and revenue. Silos occur when groups can’t easily share information internally, and they can be prevented with a knowledge sharing platform. This white paper walks you through the steps to get leadership on board internally to implement a knowledge sharing platform.

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    The ten factors of a successful launch

    Understand the critical factors to the successful implementation of a knowledge sharing platform.
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    Proving return on investment

    Explore the common reasons executives might resist implementing a knowledge sharing platform and how to address both the soft and hard benefits as you present your case.
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    Evangelizing knowledge sharing

    Discover how to get buy-in from departmental leaders and employees across the organization.
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    How to get started

    Learn the first steps required to get internal buy-in (hint: it starts with an internal knowledge sharing champion).