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Join Bloomfire’s Referral Program!

Know of a colleague or professional connection whose company or organization could benefit from the use of Bloomfire? Now you can earn a $500 Amazon gift card if you introduce them to us and their organization becomes a Bloomfire customer.  This referral can be a new customer or a new department within your company, but they must meet the following requirements:

    1.     1.  The referral is not yet a Bloomfire customer.
    2.     2. The referral is not yet speaking to the Bloomfire sales team.

If you prefer to donate the $500 to charity Bloomfire would be happy to make the award to a charity of your choice.

* The Bloomfire Referral Program allows a customer to receive a gift card or charitable donation of $500 when they refer a new organization or department within their organization and sign an annual contract of at least our minimum value of $15,000 per year. We ask the referrer to email the new lead/department with an introduction, copying a Bloomfire representative to start the conversation. The new company or department must become a Bloomfire customer within 12 months of submission.